International Student Summer Orientation Pre-Arrival Sessions take place online. Zoom account is required to register and attend. All sessions start at 10:00 am ET. Please review relevant Pre-Arrival Guide's modules prior to attending sessions.

Date Session Pre-Arrival Guide modules to review prior to attending
June 12 Welcome to QUIC & Study Permits
  • Current processing times
  • What's a study permit vs. a visa
  • What's Next

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Module 1. Get to Know Queen's
June 19 Finding Housing and Living Off-Campus

The Off-Campus Living Advisor provides information about search for housing in Kingston, including:
  • Conducting a housing search
  • Protecting yourself from housing scams
  • Leases and tenant rights
  • Living with roommates

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Module 4. Now that you're here: Living in Kingston.
June 26 Academic Culture in Canada
Academic culture is different around the world. Classroom expectations, assignments, exams, group work, and more. We will discuss and offer tips for success, inviting you to learn more in the Learning Across Cultures Certificate.

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Module 5.3. Academic Life.
Module 6.3. New Community, New Challenge: Culture Shock.
Module 6.5. Academic Considerations.
June 27 Exchange Students: Q & A

Pre-arrival session for exchange students. The International Student Advisors will answer your questions about coming to Canada, what to expect at the border and living in Kingston. The Off-Campus Living Advisor will answer questions about finding housing.

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July 3 Prepare for Arrival in Canada

Join Arthur Chen, International Student Advisor, to learn more about what you should know about arriving in Canada, including:
  • What documents you should bring with you
  • Where to find current travel entry requirements for Canada
  • What to expect when you arrive at the border

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Module 3. Arriving in Canada.
July 10 Financial Planning: Budgets are Important
  • What are the true cost of living in Kingston?
  • How can I plan for unexpected costs?
  • What scholarships and bursaries are available?
  • What would a realistic budget look like?
The Awards Office and the Advisor will answer these questions and more. This session will focus on costs associated with living in Kingston, Ontario.

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Module 2.4. Planning Your Finances.
Module 2.5. Create a Budget.
July 17 Understanding Health Insurance

Join the International Student Advisors to talk about Health Insurance:
What are primary and supplementary health insurance?
What health services are available on campus?
Where are the nearest emergency room and urgent care centre?

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Module 6. Health and Wellness.
July 24 Introduction to Job Search in Canada
Join the International Student Career Coach and the International Student Advisor who will cover many work-related topics.
  • Work opportunities for int. students at Queen's and in Kingston
  • Job search in Canada
  • How to build network in a new country

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Module 8. Working in Canada.
July 31 Your Rights in Canada

Moving to a new country to live and study can be a very exciting journey! As you prepare to take part in the rich and diverse experiences that Canada has to offer, it is important that you are aware of the human rights, freedoms and protections that apply to you under Canadian law. Join QUIC, The Human Rights & Equity Office and The Yellow House and learn more about your rights and the various resources available to you. Please note: This session will feature human rights content including but not limited to information about race, racism, sexual orientation, sexual violence, xenophobia, and ableism. The session will not be recorded.

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Module 7. Your Rights 101
August 7 Ask an International Student Advisor and What to Expect during Welcome Week
  • Learn about the Welcome Week schedule and activities
  • Get registration instructions
  • Ask your questions

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The QUIC Welcome Week runs between August 26 and 30, 2024. Incoming International Students are invited to join information sessions, social events, walks, tours and more. Find the activities in the QUIC Calendar of Events

What is the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC), and how can you benefit from its programs and services? Who works at the QUIC? Knowing your campus resources and opportunities early on can make a positive difference in your transition and finding a new home in Kingston.

Off-Campus Housing

The Off-Campus Living Advisor (ocla@queensu.ca) outlines the timelines for your housing search, how to best navigate the Kingston rental market, budgeting, how to pick the best housemates, what to expect in a lease or a sublet arrangement, how to avoid housing/rental scams, and more.

Cell Phones in Canada – What Plan is Right for You?

How much does a cellphone plan cost? What are the “big three”? Can I get a new SIM or do I need a new phone? Can I use my current plan in Canada? Get answers to these and more questions in this video. 

Introduction to Student Academic Success Services (SASS)

Follow the Intercultural Academic Support Coordinator as they show you how to use the Student Academic Success Services website and all the supports available. Check out our Academics page as well!

SASS is here to support you with your academic transition and the academic expectations at Queen’s. Check out these programs:

Financial Planning: Budgets are Important

Queen’s Financial Aid and Awards staff share tips on student finances and budgeting in this International Student Financial Aid session. Learn about the cost of attending university, supplies, and living expenses, as well as student budget examples, financial aid options, and fraud prevention.

Banking in Canada – How Do You Get a Bank Account?

Watch this video to learn about banking in Canada and what to consider when deciding which bank to use. 

  • Are banks safe?
  • Which plan is right for me?
  • What do I need to set up my account?
  • Can I set up my account from overseas?

Introduction to Career Services

Learn about career supports and resources available to international students, including:

  • Appointments with career educators and advisors
  • Drop-in advising 
  • Workshops

Job Searches and Working with a Study Permit

Students Who are Parents

The Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA) settlement advisor shares tips on finding childcare, enrolling children in school, and after-school programs. Check out resources on our page and other Queen's resources

Video coming soon!