The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory primary health insurance plan for all international students and their dependents who will be residing in Ontario for more than 3 weeks. New students qualify for emergency UHIP coverage for 21 days before the term starts, at no additional cost.

We have created the following short videos to help you learn about your eligibility and coverage for both primary and supplementary health insurance: 

When Will I Get My Card?

Once you have registered for your courses, you will get access to your electronic UHIP card from the insurer at the beginning of the term (Sept. 1 for fall, Jan. 1 for winter, and May 1 for summer) each year.

If you are delayed in registering for courses, or there are issues with your registration at Queen’s, access to your UHIP card will be delayed.

Watch your Queen’s email for a message from Cowan/Manulife (uhip.ramu@cowangroup.ca) for instructions on how to access your UHIP card.

Print and Carry Your UHIP Card  

Your UHIP card should be printed and kept on you at all times as it must be presented to receive medical care at Student Wellness Services, other medical clinics, or hospitals.


How to Enrol

You will be automatically enrolled/renewed in UHIP based on your level of study. The fee is called International Health Care on SOLUS.

The enrolment period for coverage is based on the term start date:

  • Fall (Aug. 10–Dec. 31)
  • Winter (Dec. 10–Apr. 30)
  • Summer (Apr. 10–Aug. 31)

Degree seeking international students are enrolled annually. The enrolment period for coverage is based on the term start date:

  • Fall (Sept. 1–Aug. 31)
  • Winter (Jan. 1–Aug. 31)
  • Spring (May 1–Aug. 31)

At no additional cost, UHIP provides new students with emergency coverage for 21 days before the term starts.

  • Dependents are not automatically enrolled or renewed and must be added manually each year
  • Dependents must be added within the first 30 days of the new enrolment period
  • To add a dependant please fill out this form
    • Charges will be applied to your student account for each dependent added
    • Late enrolment [of dependents] can result in a $500 late enrolment fee plus retroactive UHIP fees

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and do not require UHIP. Find out how to apply for and get your OHIP card