Coverage & Request a Change

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) has been designed to offer similar primary health coverage to that of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

  • UHIP covers up to $1,000,000 a year per member for the cost of eligible and medically necessary health services and medical treatments
  • UHIP will provide coverage for similar services to a maximum of 125% of OHIP Procedure codes and rates. Should a provider bill more than this rate, you will be responsible for paying the difference
    • To minimize costs to you, be sure to always carry your printed UHIP card with you and visit a preferred provider when possible. Visit a clinic for routine care (non-emergencies) and a hospital for emergency care
  • UHIP claims can be reimbursed up to 12 months from the service date (date the care was provided at the clinic/hospital)

Covered Services

UHIP includes coverage of both emergency and routine needs in Ontario, such as:

  • COVID-19-related medical needs
  • Consultations/examinations
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic laboratory and X-ray services
  • Mental health support (psychiatry)
  • Gynaecological exams
  • Pregnancy-related healthcare (prenatal and delivery)  
  • Emergency needs in other Canadian provinces or territories
  • Emergency needs only, with very limited coverage, outside of Canada (see planning to travel)

More Information About Coverage

To learn more, visit the UHIP website or call Cowan Manulife (1-866-500-8447), Monday to Friday, 8 am–8 pm ET.

You will need to have your UHIP card accessible, as you will be required to verify the UHIP policy number and the Member ID on your UHIP card. Review how to get your UHIP card.

Billing practices are decided independently by each clinic and hospital. We recommend you visit a UHIP preferred provider, which include clinics or hospitals that will accept your UHIP card.

If you visit a preferred provider and show your printed UHIP card, the clinic or hospital can bill the insurance company directly for your appointment. Please remember that not all services are covered by UHIP.

If you are required to pay for health services at the time of the visit, or if you receive a bill at a later date, you will need to submit a “claim” to the insurance provider to be reimbursed for eligible fees.

If you have claim questions, contact Cowan.

Review your UHIP coverage.

UHIP's annual coverage renews automatically every July. This means that your UHIP coverage may not end when you complete your degree. You are required to contact us to cancel coverage due to graduation.

To apply to change your UHIP coverage after completing your studies, begin the Requesting a Change to Coverage process and select the Adjustment Request option.

If you are planning to stay in Ontario after completing your studies, visit the Service Ontario website to review your eligibility for OHIP.

Private Health Insurance

If you do not qualify for UHIP or provincial health insurance, you should strongly consider purchasing private health insurance. You are advised to research options and contact the insurance company before you enrol yourself or your family into any insurance plans.

This is not an endorsement by Queen’s University, and Queen’s University cannot be held responsible for information and materials found on these sites.

UHIP Does NOT Cover the Costs of:

  • Prescription medicine
  • Vision care (exams/glasses)
  • Dental care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Most travel outside of Canada (limited travel coverage). Review info on UHIP Travel page

As a primary health plan, UHIP does not cover everything. Some healthcare costs require additional or supplemental health coverage.

Supplementary plans include coverage for:

  • Prescription drugs/vaccinations
  • Vision care (eye exams, glasses, contact lenses for those between the ages of 20–65)
  • Dental care services
  • Travel outside of Canada
  • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic services
  • Other mental health supports (counselling/psychologists)

Supplementary Coverage Plans at Queen's

The AMS and SGPS provide supplemental health insurance coverage to students at Queen’s.

Learn more about supplementary coverage by watching these videos about the AMS and SGPS Health and Dental Plans.

Contact your student government office within your first few weeks on campus to learn more about enrolment and coverage. Undergraduate/exchange students can contact the AMS office, and graduate students can contact the SGPS office.


Requesting Changes to Your Coverage

UHIP is mandatory at Ontario universities, and there are very limited circumstances that will allow you to make changes to your automated UHIP coverage. Please review the information below before requesting any changes to your coverage.

An application to request a change to your coverage does not guarantee that your coverage will change.

  • If your request is approved, the UHIP fee on SOLUS should be updated in 10-15 business days
  • If your request is declined (you are not eligible/have insufficient proof), the UHIP fee and your coverage will remain
  • Please monitor your Queen's inbox for an email from the QUIC, in case there are any questions about your application.You MUST respond to this email with answers or your UHIP change request will not move forward

Exemption requests are only accepted within the first 45 days of the term.

The deadlines for exemption requests are:

  • Fall term – Oct. 15
  • Winter term – Feb. 15
  • Summer term – June 15

To be eligible, you must have: 

A current UHIP fee on SOLUS (the fee will appear as International Health Care) AND have coverage in an alternate pre-approved health plan.

Acceptable pre-approved plans include:

  • OHIP – the Ontario Health Insurance Plan
  • Any other Canadian provincial or territorial health plan
  • Interim Federal Health Care Plan
  • Embassy of the State of Kuwait GHIP Replacement
  • Embassy of Botswana – Student Program (Cowan contract G0020376)
  • Ciencia sem Fronteiras (CSF)
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB-HDP) Policy # 06614A
  • Libyan Embassy and Scholarship Program – Canada Policy # G0068002

OR you have diplomatic status and instead have coverage in an alternate health plan;
OR you are a sponsored student (your education is paid for by your home government) and instead have coverage in an alternate health plan;
OR you will not be in Ontario for your studies.

If eligible to apply, you must submit proof of your eligibility:

  • Obtain electronic proof of your alternate coverage (with start/end dates) or departmental confirmation that your studies do not require you to be in Ontario
  • Change to Coverage Request Form

To be eligible, you must have:
A current UHIP fee on SOLUS (the fee will appear as International Health Care) AND your registration status must have changed.

Examples include:

  • You are not registered in courses for the term
  • Semester withdrawal
  • Term deferral
  • A non-medical leave of absence
  • You are a graduate student who completed your program in the 2022-23 academic year (Sept. 1, 2022–Aug. 31, 2023)

If eligible to apply, obtain electronic proof of your changed status from a university source (department confirmation email/letter) that confirms the date of the change and begin the Change to Coverage Request Form.

To be eligible, you must have:
A current UHIP fee on SOLUS (the fee will appear as International Health Care) AND one of the following:

  • You have become eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
  • You are taking a medical leave of absence
  • Your program start date differs from regular term start dates (September, January, or May)
  • You are a graduate student who completed your studies in the 2022 fall term (Sept. 1–Dec. 31, 2022)

If eligible to apply, obtain electronic proof of your eligibility (proof of OHIP with start/end dates, departmental confirmation email/letter that confirms the date your program begins, or the date you completed your studies) and begin the Change to Coverage Request Form.

To be eligible to add or renew coverage for your dependents, you must be:
Currently registered as an international student AND have dependents (a spouse/children residing with you in Ontario for 3 weeks or longer).

If you meet the criteria above, coverage for your dependents is mandatory and you must add or renew coverage for your dependents within the first 30 days of each renewal period.

  • Late enrolments are subject to a $500 late enrolment penalty and retroactive UHIP fees. Fees for dependent coverage will be applied separately to your SOLUS account
  • To add or renew coverage for your eligible dependent(s) begin the Change to Coverage Request Form and choose the Dependent Coverage Request option