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Permits and Visas FAQs


Working in Canada


Permanent Residency (PR)

I’ve created an Express Entry profile, is this the same as submitting an application for PR?

No, creating an Express Entry profile is not the same as submitting an application for Permanent Residency. Applicants are considered to have applied for PR once they have received an invitation to apply from IRCC and have submitted the relevant application materials. For information about what Express Entry is please refer to the IRCC website.

What are the different PR streams?

Before completing your Express Entry profile, you will need to determine if you meet one of the PR immigration streams. For detailed information about the various streams please visit the IRCC Express Entry website.

Where can I find information about the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program?

For information about the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program please visit their website.

I gave Biometrics for my study/work permit application, do I have to give them again?

You may need to give your Biometrics as part of your PR application, IRCC will indicate if you need to provide biometrics.

Can my spouse (children) and I apply for PR at the same time?

Yes, you and your spouse (and/or children) can apply for PR as part of the same application.

If I have questions about applying for PR who can I contact?

You can contact the QUIC International Student Advisor (ISA), isa@queensu.ca
The ISA will determine if the question falls under their scope as determined by their regulating board, if they are not able to answer your question they will direct you to an individual/organization that can.

General Questions

Is there someone at Queen’s who can help me with my application?

If you have questions about applying for your study permit/work permit you can contact one of the QUIC International Student Advisors. The ISAs are Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors, and can advise on study permits, visitor visas, work permits, and other immigration matters as it relates to student status, however they are not able to complete applications for students. If you have questions, please email

Do I have to pay someone to apply for me?

No, you do not have to hire someone to apply for your study permit/work permit for you. If you do choose to hire someone please be sure that they are accredited through the Government of Canada. For more information please visit here

How long will it take to process my application?

To check processing times please visit the Government of Canada website.


Last updated: May 2022