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Welcome to UHIP 

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Print your UHIP card – watch your Queen’s email for a message from Manulife

UHIP stands for the University Health Insurance Plan, a mandatory primary health insurance plan for all international students and their dependents (if residing in Ontario for more than 3 weeks).  See the Enrollment Process links to learn when your UHIP documentation will be ready for printing.


To minimize costs to you, be sure to always:

  • carry your printed UHIP card with you
  • visit a preferred provider (when possible)
    • visit a clinic for routine care (non-emergencies)
    • visit a hospital for emergency care


Enrollment Process:
International Students and Dependents

International Students

Are automatically enrolled/renewed in UHIP (fee called International Health Care on SOLUS) based on the level of study as noted below:

Non-degree students are enrolled TERM BY TERM

  • Fall (Aug. 10 – Dec. 31)
  • Winter (Dec. 10 – Apr. 30)
  • Summer (Apr. 10 – Aug. 31)

Degree students are enrolled in ANNUAL coverage based on term start, ie:

  • Fall (Aug. 10/year 1 – Aug. 31/year 2)
  • Winter (Dec. 10 – Aug. 31)
  • Summer (Apr. 10 – Aug. 31)


Dependents (spouse/children) of international students

Must be manually added/renewed in coverage within the first 30 days of each new enrollment period (fees apply).  Failing to do so, can result in a $500 late enrollment penalty + retroactive UHIP fees.

To add your dependents to coverage, see link titled: Requesting a Change to Coverage (and the Dependent Coverage Request option).

Enrollment Process (Limited):
Domestic Students

Having a valid primary health plan while studying in Ontario is a requirement.  If you do not yet have valid health coverage from a Canadian provincial or territorial health plan (such as OHIP – the Ontario Health Insurance Plan), you are eligible by request, to enroll in short-term UHIP during the OHIP waiting period.

Requesting UHIP coverage

Update:  Currently, Service Ontario is waiving the standard 3 month OHIP waiting period (so coverage can begin immediately), therefore short-term UHIP is not required.  Instead, visit Service Ontario soon after arrival to the province (with documents) to apply for coverage.


When eligible for short-term UHIP coverage, UHIP cannot be extended beyond 3 months of coverage for those that are eligible to apply for OHIP.  It will be your responsibility to complete the OHIP application process successfully before your UHIP expires.

To learn more about OHIP including: eligibility, the application process, what documents are required to apply, and the standard 3 month waiting period see: OHIP

Requesting a Change to Coverage 

Since UHIP is mandatory at Ontario universities, there are very limited circumstances that will allow you to change your automated UHIP coverage, but circumstances that include:

Exemption Request

Exemptions requests are only accepted within the first 45 days of the term [Term deadlines are: Fall (Oct. 15), Winter (Feb. 15)  and Summer (June 15)]To be eligible, you must have: 

  • A current UHIP fee on SOLUS (fee titled: International Health Care
    • AND have coverage in an alternate pre-approved health plan 
    • OR you have diplomatic status + coverage in an alternate health plan
    • OR you are a sponsored student (education paid by home government) + coverage in an alternate health plan
    • OR you will not be in Ontario for your studies

To review the list of pre-approved health plans, see: Requesting a Change to UHIP and Exemption Request section. 

If eligible to apply, enter the Exemption Request link above (proof of eligibility is required).

Termination Request + Adjustment Request + Dependent Coverage Request




Cost of UHIP Coverage

Rates effective as of September 1, 2022 (2022/23 Academic Year)
Rates reflect $63 per month per person

Coverage Duration Student Add 1 Dependent: If in Ontario = Mandatory Add 2+ Dependents: If in Ontario = Mandatory

1 Term

(4 months)

$252 Student +$252 Student +$504

2 Terms

(8 months)

$504 Student +$504 Student +$1,008

Annual Coverage

(12 months)

$756 Student +$756 Student +$1,512

How to Pay for UHIP

UHIP fees called International Health Care on SOLUS are due in the first month of your program annually.  Be sure to allow 3-5 business days for processing.  If your payment is late, your health coverage is not impacted but additional service/late fees may apply and accrue.  UHIP payment deadlines are outlined below for each term:

Sept. 30th (fall term)

Jan. 31st (winter term)

May 31st (summer term)

UHIP fees can be paid in the same method as all other payments to the university and do not need to be identified as such.

For acceptable payment options, please visit the Queen’s Office of the University Registrar.
Questions pertaining to fees, please email fees@queensu.ca.


What is Covered?

UHIP has been designed to offer similar primary health coverage to that of the provincial plan called OHIP, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.   For this reason, UHIP will provide coverage for similar services and to a maximum of 125% of OHIP Procedure Codes/Rates.  Should a provider bill more than this rate, you will be responsible to pay the difference.

Note: UHIP Claims can be reimbursed for 12 months from the Service Date (date the care was provided at the clinic/hospital)However, claims for the 2021-2022 academic year to Aug. 31/2022 must be submitted before Oct. 31/2022 to be accepted by Sun Life.



UHIP covers up to $1,000,000 a year per member for the cost of eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments. 

Covered hospital and physician services

This will include hospital and physician services such as:

  • for both emergency and routine needs in Ontario, such as:
    • Consultations/examinations
    • Surgery
    • Diagnostic laboratory and X-ray services
    • Mental health support (Psychiatry)
    • Gynecological exams
    • Pregnancy related health care (prenatal and delivery)  
  • emergency needs only in other Canadian locations
  • emergency needs only and very limited coverage if traveling outside of Canada (see planning to travel)

For more in-depth information about coverage, visit the UHIP website or call Sun Life Assurance (1-866-500-8447) Monday to Friday 8am-8pm EST.   You will need to have your UHIP card accessible (from Manulife email), as you will be required to verify the UHIP policy number and your Member ID (noted on UHIP card).

What is NOT Covered by UHIP?

As a primary health plan, UHIP does NOT cover the costs of:

  • prescription medicine,
  • vision care (exams/glasses),
  • dental care,
  • physiotherapy
  • and only very limited travel coverage (outside of CAD)

However, if you are enrolled in the Queen’s supplementary health plan from your student government office, this additional health plan will have a specific level of coverage for these needs/services.

Contact your student government office within your first few weeks on campus to learn more about enrollment and coverage (AMS office for undergrads/exchange students and the SGPS office for grad students).

For details specific to each health plan, please watch the QUIC instructional videos:


Supplementary Coverage from your Student Government

Supplementary plans include coverage for:

  • Prescription drugs / vaccinations
  • Vision Care: eye exams, glasses, contact lenses for those between the ages of 20–65
  • Dental care services
  • Travel coverage (outside of Canada)
  • Physiotherapy – Acupuncture – Chiropractic services
  • Other Mental Health Supports (counseling/psychologists)


Preferred Providers (clinics and hospitals)

When you need to see a doctor in Ontario, aim to ALWAYS:

  • Have your printed UHIP card with you (from Manulife email)
  • And visit a preferred provider (specific clinics/hospitals in your location) when possible to minimize costs to you.  Alternate locations can bill higher rates leaving you to absorb the difference in costs
    • visit a clinic for routine care (non-emergencies)
    • visit a hospital for emergency care

Without this, you will be billed directly when services are provided and you can seek reimbursement.  See Claim Support for forms and direction.

In a Life-Threatening emergency:

If you need an ambulance, the Police Department or the Fire Department, call 9-1-1 immediately.

In a non-emergency situation and you need health advice, please call: Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) This service allows you to speak directly (and anonymously) to a Registered Nurse, 24 hours per day.

In Kingston preferred providers and resources include the following:

  • Student Wellness Services – Mitchell Hall (ground floor)
    To book an appointment call 613-533-2506
    Mon.-Fri. 8:45am-4:30pm.  Some evening times offered.
    This clinic offers service to adult members only.
  • Hotel Dieu Hospital (for non-life threatening emergencies)
    166 Brock St.
    Open daily 8 am-8 pm       
  • Kingston General Hospital (for life-threatening emergencies)
    76 Stuart St.
    Open 24 hours

If you visit other clinics/hospitals or cannot provide your printed proof of coverage card, you will be billed at the time of the appointment and may not be reimbursed the full amount, based on the billing practices of the provider (if rates are greater than 125% of OHIP Procedure/Codes).
See the Claims section for directions on how to be reimbursed for costs incurred.


To find ‘preferred providers’ in other Ontario locations, see: 
https://www.sunlife.ca/studenthealth/uhip where you can enter an address or city to find clinics or hospitals (to suit the level of urgency) in a specific location.  

Claim Support

Typically, when you visit a Preferred Provider and can show your printed UHIP card, the clinic or hospital can bill the insurance company directly on your behalf.  However, the billing practices are dictated independently by each clinic and hospital. 

The plan allows for coverage to 125% of regular OHIP Procedure Codes/Rates.  Should the clinic or hospital bill higher than this rate for services, you will be responsible to pay the difference. 

Note: UHIP Claims can only be reimbursed for 12 months from the Service Date (date of your visit to the clinic/hospital).

If you are required to pay for health services at the time of the visit (or if you receive a bill at a later date) you will need to send the following to the insurer to be reimbursed for any eligible costs:

  • a completed claim form, with;
  • the original invoice/receipt.

Be sure to make a full copy of all for your records before submitting the documents. 

A tutorial is available to assist you in completing the claim form.

If you have claim questions, including:

  • What is covered by UHIP
  • How to submit a claim
  • and information about your claim

Call Sun Life Financial at 1-866-500-8447
Be sure to have your UHIP card accessible as you will need your Policy # and your Member ID

Plan on travelling outside of Ontario?

If travelling within Canada
  • Be sure to bring your printed UHIP card (see Manulife email) and a UHIP Claim Form
  • UHIP will only cover costs for emergency needs (not routine care) should you have an issue in another Canadian location and to the same level of coverage that would be provided for an emergency in Ontario. 
  • You will have to pay first for the full costs for services and then seek the appropriate reimbursement from the UHIP Claims process.
  • UHIP will cover costs to a maximum of 125% of OHIP Procedure Codes/Rates.  If billing exceeds this rate, you will be responsible for the difference.
If travelling outside of Canada
  • Be sure to bring your printed UHIP card (see Manulife email)
  • UHIP alone is not sufficient for travel coverage outside of Ontario since it only provides extremely limited coverage and could leave you with significant costs.
  • Be sure to always combine your UHIP with a supplementary travel plan (such as that provided by your student government office – from the AMS office for undergrads/exchange students and the SGPS office for grad students) or from a private source if necessary.
  • You will have to pay first for the full costs for services and then seek the appropriate reimbursement from first the UHIP Claims process, followed by your Supplementary Plan Claims process.

Questions about your supplementary health (travel) plan should be directed to your student government office.

Completing your studies

Since your renewal in UHIP for the new academic year occurs automatically in July, your UHIP coverage may not end automatically if you are nearing the end of your program and your feedback will be required (to cancel or extend coverage – limited options apply).


To apply to change your UHIP coverage (after completing your studies),  see link titled: Requesting a Change to Coverage (and the Adjustment Request option).


If your planning to stay in Ontario after completing your studies, visit the Service Ontario website to review eligibility for: OHIP.


Refunds (limited options)

Only students that fit the following criteria and with written confirmation can request a refund of their UHIP fees by emailing uhip@queensu.ca (include your student number):

  • If you were enrolled in annual UHIP coverage (September to August);
  • AND you completed your program prior to March 1;
  • OR you withdrew early from your program prior to March 1.

Refunds/adjustments cannot be processed after March 1st

If your registration status changes, you may be eligible to apply for a change to your UHIP coverage.  To apply, see link titled: Requesting a Change to Coverage (and the Adjustment Request option).

If eligible, refund amounts are based on the request date, can take 2-3 weeks for processing, and once finalized the credit will be applied directly to your SOLUS account. 

Overpayments made to the university can be returned after you make a request to the Registrar’s Office.

Contacts and Resources

For questions related to:

  • Understanding what is covered and what is not covered
  • How to submit a claim form
  • Tracking your mailed UHIP claim submission

Call UHIP Support

Monday to Friday 8am-8pm EST

For questions related to:

  • How to obtain your UHIP card
  • How to add dependents to coverage
  • Understanding the plan and preferred providers



*You will need to have your UHIP card accessible (from Manulife email) as you will need to verify the Policy # and your Member ID.

Other Resources