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iCent Travel App

What is iCent: 
We are happy to introduce the iCent App and the iCent Arrival Module for ALL Queen’s new and returning international students! Students are strongly encouraged to download the App, create your profile, and explore the resources.

iCent is available on iOS, Android, or via direct download from the iCent website. You can also access it using a web browser!

Important: You’ll need to create your profile on the iCent app using your @queensu.ca email address. If you haven’t set that up yet, you can access it through Office 365, using your Queen’s netID.

Signing up for the iCent App ensures that we have the proper information to support you as you transition to life at Queen’s University. Whether you are a new student or returning to Queen’s, we are very excited to welcome you to Canada and to our campus and community!

We know that being an international student can be overwhelming – especially when it comes to moving to a different country! There is so much to do and so much to know about, but hey, we’re here to help you!

Download the iCent App for free:

Download iCent App from the Apple Store (iOS)
Download iCent App from the Google Play Store (Android)
Visit and download from the iCent App Website
Web Browser Version of the iCent App

Privacy Disclaimer – click here

In order to facilitate the arrival of new and returning international students to Kingston during the COVID-19 pandemic, Queen’s University is using the iCent application to create awareness of services, provide students with arrival support, and assist students during their self-quarantine. The Check-In application is being used to collect your personal information in order to facilitate the student check-in process and provide resources and supports of the services available at Queen’s. iCent adheres to Queen’s University’s COVID-19 readiness plan and Health Canada guidelines.

Your personal information is collected under the authority of the Queen’s University Royal Charter, 1841, as amended. Access to the information collected by iCent will be restricted to the Division of Student Affairs and may be shared with faculty and the Vice President International Office. Information collected by iCent will be stored on servers located in Canada and deleted in accordance with Queen’s University Records Management Policy. Please review Queen’s University Records Management Policy and the iCent Privacy Policy for more information. Note that Queen’s University has negotiated a master agreement that modifies the Terms to adhere with the Queen’s University Privacy Policy.

iCent shall comply with all federal, provincial and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances applicable to it, including, without limitation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as amended, and acknowledges that Queen’s is governed by the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), as amended and undertakes and agrees to cooperate as necessary with Queen’s obligations thereunder.

Questions regarding the collection or use of this personal information should be directed to the QUIC’s Director, Sultan Almajil at 613.533.2604 or by email.