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Academic Expectations at Queen’s

Learning experiences can differ across countries, cultures, communities, schools, disciplines, and classrooms. Reflecting on your previous learning experiences and developing an awareness of the academic expectations at Queen’s will help you achieve your academic goals. The Queen’s International Centre (QUIC) and Student Academic Success Services (SASS) have resources, programs, and services that can help you leverage your knowledge and skills in new ways to support your academic success.

Many students transitioning to a new program and at a new university experience stress. Check out our online tutorials about overcoming academic culture:


Did you know that by completing the overcoming academic culture shock tutorials and some additional requirements, you can earn a certificate? Get more information about the Academic Connections Certificate or register now!




Are you interested in other programs and services that can support your academic success?

  • Get free, individualized support from the experts at SASS.
    • Is English an additional language for you? SASS offers 1:1 EAL appointments where you can continue to develop your academic English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Book now!
    • Want to improve your academic skills and confidence? Make an academic skills appointment with a specialist who can coach you in different strategies, skills, and mindsets for learning. Book now!
  • Want to improve your academic writing? Join Write Nights, a weekly interactive writing workshop where you can focus on sentence-level choices in your writing.
  • Want to increase your confidence speaking in academic settings? Join Speak Up, an academic presentation skills lab where you can learn and practice strategies for effectively presenting your academic work.
  • Check out the podcast, International Voices at Queen’s, a supportive listening space where we talk about topics like culture shock and developing your authorial voice. Listen on the CFRC, or subscribe on Spotify , Apple, or wherever you listen to podcasts!