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Posted on Apr 11, 2017 in Students | 0 comments

International Eats in Kingston

By Jing Wang, QUIC World Link Volunteer 2016-2017

I am a self-proclaimed foodie.

Ever since I moved back to Shanghai when I was fifteen, I became obsessed with eating delicious food. Now, this doesn’t mean I am a picky eater; on the contrary, I love trying new dishes and expanding my palate. Shanghai offered so many cuisines from all over the world and I feared that Kingston’s cuisines would pale in comparison. Little did I know that Kingston, a city with a total population about 117,000 people, actually has the greatest number of restaurants per capita in Canada.

Here below are some of my top picks for international cuisines in Kingston. I definitely recommend checking some of these restaurants out if you haven’t been to them already!

Kame Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: 156 Division St.


variety of sushi on a flat plate   (image credit:

While there are countless sushi restaurants around the student district and along Princess Street, there is one that I eat at almost weekly: Kame. Kame offers huge specialty rolls that are fresh and also have awesome lunch sets. My personal favourites are the torched butterfish roll and the deluxe red dragon roll. There is also a discount if you pay with cash!

Amadeus Cafe

Cuisine: Austrian/German

Location: 170 Princess St.


roasted beef with carrots, lemon, onion as garnishes (image credit:

Amadeus is the place to go! Amadeus has a wonderful biergarten outside that you can enjoy weather permitting, and they also serve mulled wine in the fall/winter season. The portions are huge and the food is authentically German! Try their rouladen (roasted beef served with red cabbage and spätzle) alongside a cold, refreshing wheat beer. Also, remember to make a reservation if you’re planning to eat there on the weekends, they fill up fast.


Cuisine: Indian

Location: 479 Princess St.


rice with chicken legs and garnished with lettuce and carrots (image credit:

Darbar offers delicious warm meals. I absolutely love their lunch set of soup, a curry dish served with rice and salad, followed by dessert. The food is fairly priced and the naan bread is just so good! I recommend trying the lamb vindaloo, it is mildly spicy and just what your body wants on any day.

Darbar also offers a 20 percent off student discount (dine-in only) so don’t forget to bring your student card!

Pat’s Restaurant

Cuisine: Thai/Cambodian

Location: 455 Princess St.

Website: N/A

white rice topped with red sauce. cucumbers and tomatoes (image credit:

Two summers ago I was eating dinner in Shanghai and happened to sit next to two Canadians. One of the two lives in Ottawa and he had told me that Kingston has the best Cambodian food and to try Pat’s. I took his advice. Pat’s Restaurant was simply awesome. The food tasted fresh, the portions were generous and it was very fairly priced. I got the Phanaeng Kai, which red chicken curry with peanut, coconut, and rice. It was fairly spicy so I would recommend getting the mild if you don’t think you can handle it. However, the service was excellent and they gave me more coconut milk to add to my curry when I found it too spicy!

Greco’s Grill & Wine Bar

Cuisine: Greek

Location: 167 Princess St.


potatoes, grilled chicken, rice with lettuce (image credit:

Greco’s has scrumptious food, cozy atmosphere and great service—one of my favourite places in town to bring family. The food is reasonably priced for the quality. I recommend the chicken souvlaki, which comes on a bed of rice with a salad and amazing potatoes on the side. I would also recommend the flaming cheese as an appetizer. Definitely an impressive dining experience!

If you ever feel like trying a new cuisine and finding that international flair in little old Kingston, be sure to check these restaurants out! However, these recommendations are only five of the countless wonderful restaurants Kingston has to offer.

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