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During Sojourn Abroad


  1. QUIC responds to call and reviews cases; PEC follows up on “early warning” call.
  2. Initiate Procedures for Out-of-Country Emergencies – Dec 2015 if emergency takes place.
  3. Emergency Management Committee (EMC) Chair is contacted.
  4. Participants refer to their personal Emergency Action Plan which is embedded inttheir OCASP Safety Planning Record.
  5. Activity leaders refer to their Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP) Safety Planning Record 
  6. Global  Affairs Canada is contacted; Host institution is contacted; EMC is assembled.
  7. EMC makes necessary interventions at institutional level including support for the family and other program participants; PEC for the program works with the EMC to support the participant(s).
  8. PEC ensures that support services are implemented.
  9. PEC reviews final report.
  10. QUIC corresponds with participants regarding warnings issued by Global Affairs Canada (GAC or DFATD) or through reports from international news agencies, which may directly or indirectly impact their health and safety in their host country/region.
  11. Resources
  12. Emergency Report Template (PDF)
  13. Critical Incident Protocol for Study Abroad Students – OAIE 2000 (PowerPoint)
  14. Queen’s University Pandemic Preparedness Website