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International Educators

The Queen’s University International Centre promotes “an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive university community.” During its first 50 years, the Centre has played a key role in internationalizing Queen’s by developing and providing services and programs for international students and for students involved in exchanges and study abroad. The successful delivery of these essential support services, which students require in order to make their cultural and social transitions optimal, has led the Centre to carry out research to further develop its ability to deliver new and more sophisticated programming, in the area of international education support services.

As International Educators and Administrators, we face many challenges in carrying out our responsibilities. Time, resources and our personal energy levels limit how much we can do to achieve our goals. As part of the Centre’s commitment to assist in the training and professional development of our colleagues across the country, we are able to make available our most recent research and program resources for wider dissemination. With this in mind the following pages aim to:

  1. provide international educators access to information and resources developed by the Queen’s University International Centre in the area of risk and responsibility in study abroad;
  2. list opportunities and resources for professional development for international educators; and,
  3. make available the presentations and workshops given by Queen’s University International Centre staff at various conferences and gatherings.

If you choose to use any of the Centre’s materials, acknowledgement as follows would be appreciated – “Adapted with permission from the Queen’s University International Centre at Kingston, Ontario, Canada.”