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What Should I Know Before Renting a Place?


What constitutes the best place to live is not the same for everyone, therefore each student’s housing search will be different.  Budget, proximity to school, shopping and services, and personal preference all play a role in helping you choose housing.  Each situation however shares some commonalities:

  • a written contract is the best way to be clear how much you are paying and for what – don’t be afraid to ask for clarification of what is meant by “clean”, or “shared”;
  • you should never provide money until you are certain of your decision – rental contracts are usually binding, even if you feel a situation was misrepresented;
  • you should always be given a receipt for any money given to the landlord;
  • every person has the right to a home that meets minimum health and safety standards.  Resources to help you understand and exercise (not the right word) your rights are generally free of charge.

There are lots of resources that help guide your housing search and many more should you have difficulty with your housing:

Here is a list of further links to services that can be helpful: