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Except for first and last month’s rent, it is illegal for a landlord to ask you to pay more than one month’s rent at a time.

A landlord may ask you to pay for your keys only if you lose them, but this cannot be more than the actual cost of the keys. All other deposits are illegal (e.g. cost of appliances or curtains, a damage deposit in addition to last month’s rent, application fee).

Types of Listings

  • Apartments and Houses

    • A self-contained unit where you do not share with other students/tenants.
  • Shared Accommodations

    • You rent a bedroom in a house or apartment and share the kitchen, common rooms, bathroom/toilet with other students/tenants.
  • Room In a Private Home

    • You rent a bedroom in a landlord’s home.  Students and workers need to be aware that the standard laws regarding landlords and tenants do not apply to a situation where the tenants live with, and share, the household with the landlords or homeowners. Before students agree to this type of living arrangement we strongly recommend they speak with the Student Community Relations office regarding their rights and responsibilities.


Additional Categories

  • Room Mates

    • The listings also include the faculties of any students currently living in the apartment or house.  You are not required to nor do we recommend that you live with people from your faculty.  The section is intended for information only.

Disclaimer: Listings do NOT imply endorsement by the Queen’s University International Centre.

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