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Long-Term Options

Living Off-Campus:  Your decisions on selecting from the many different off-campus options will depend on your budget, lifestyle, personal preferences, and more.  Timing can be also an important factor. Some students decide to pre-arrange housing from overseas to provide peace of mind, while others wait to inspect the unit and meet the landlord in person, to make a safe and better informed decision that minimizes certain risks.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that once you sign a contract for housing, this contract will be a legally binding agreement that cannot be cancelled if for any reason at any time you conclude that the place is not suitable for you/does not meet your expectations.

Other Off-Campus Housing Considerations: Click Here

Important!  Except for first and last month’s rent, it is illegal for a landlord to ask you to pay more than one month’s rent at a time.

To reduce the chance of fraud please review How to Avoid Being Scammed. It is always a good practice to be vigilant and verify all information when searching for a rental online, especially if you have been asked to pay any deposits.  Prior to wiring funds from overseas or making payments of any kind, please take time to talk to the other party in person and carefully verify who they are and what are they offering. It is essential that you take time to review the information provided by Queen’s University Student Community Relations; if in doubt, please ask for an advice. The QUIC International Student Advisors can be reached by email or by telephone at 001.613.533.2604.

Please Read: How to Avoid Being Scammed

On-Campus: Residence Halls
The deadlines to apply to live in Residence Halls has passed. Queen’s Residences (Dormitories/Residence Halls) offer accommodations mostly to First Year Undergraduate Students and to some exchange students.  The Residence Admissions office can be reached directly by email.