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How do I List my Room, Apartment, or House for Rent?

The International Housing Office invites you to list your apartment, house, room in your home or sublet opportunity on our listing service.  These listings will be made available to international students and workers through the International Housing Office. New! To prevent fraud, only individuals who hold Queen’s University Net ID and password will be able to view the listings.

All rental listings posted on our listing service must be available to international students for 8 month or less time frames.  If you are looking to post your property for 12 months or more, you will need to list them using other services, such as the Queen’s Community Housing listing service.

Rental Submission Form

Disclaimer: Listing does NOT imply endorsement by the Queen’s University International Centre. Queen’s University International Housing Office reserves the right to refuse, accept or reject any rental listing. Queen’s University International Housing Office reserves the right to edit the listings’ description section. Queen’s University International Housing Office reserves the right to edit or de-list any rental listing(s).

Warning to all individuals advertising rental listings:  To prevent fraud, only members of Queen’s University community who hold Queen’s Net ID and password are able to view the listings. In addition, as with any dealings on the internet, please exercise caution to protect yourself against possible scams. For information on scams regarding the transference of money, including fake “overpayment” emails and printed cheques for excess balance, please see the Kingston Police Force and Ontario Provincial Police websites.

scam about overpayment fake cheque