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Housing Support

Housing Support

Looking for a place to live?

To find a place that works for them, many students use local advertisements, search engines, Facebook and other social media tools.

***Please note Queen’s University International Centre does not endorse or warrant the quality of the information found on any of the website search engines. To reduce the chance of fraud please review How to Avoid Being Scammed.

Please Read: How to Avoid Being Scammed


Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC)’s Housing Support offers information to new international members of Queen’s community regarding available resources to search for off-campus housing, clarity around housing terms, and what to be aware of before contracting to rent a particular property. 

Temporary and Short Stay Options – for first few nights upon your arrival to Kingston.

Long-Term Accommodations

Frequently Asked Housing Questions

What Should I Know Before Renting a Place?

Storage Solutions For Those Who Are Moving

Advertising a Place to Live

How Do I List My Room, Apartment or House For Rent?