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Obtaining proof or opting-out of UHIP

Obtaining proof or opting-out of UHIP

UHIP stands for the University Health Insurance Plan, a mandatory health plan that provides primary medical coverage for most doctor and hospital services in Ontario and a plan administered at most Ontario universities. Opting-out of UHIP is only available under specific circumstances and timelines as described in the UHIP Exemption process 2019-20.     Otherwise, UHIP is mandatory.

With your net id and password, enter the UHIP Portal below (a 5 minute process), which will allow you to:

Obtain and print documents related to your UHIP coverage:

  • Proof of coverage (a form to be presented for each clinic/hospital visit)
  • An information page to help guide you where to go for healthcare, what is covered, etc.

Or if applicable:

  • Decline or revise your coverage (if eligible  and within the first 45 days of each term only)
  • Add dependents to the health plan
  • Make an inquiry to the UHIP Administrator based on your specific circumstances.

UHIP Portal     

Students automatically enrolled in UHIP will receive this same messaging by email mid-August and/or mid-December (titled: UHIP – Action Required) to provide direct access to the UHIP Portal prior to arrival/return.  Keep that email accessible so you can always gain quick access to your proof of coverage or return here if a re-print is necessary.

Further Questions?

As a student, if you are left with questions regarding UHIP coverage please see the UHIP website, visit QUIC, or contact QUIC’s UHIP Administrator (include your student number).