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Posted on Oct 14, 2019 in Spotlight | 0 comments

Your academic success

Your academic success

Academic Support Options for International Students

It is mid-way through the Fall 2019 semester, so it is a good time for students to check-in about how their academics are going. Here are few questions they can ask themselves:

Do I understand the academic expectations in my classes?
If students are unclear about some of the expectations in their classes, they should read through some helpful online resources about Canadian academic expectations. QUIC has an Academic Expectations Check-in and Student Academic Success Services (SASS) has Tips for International and Exchange students.

Have I received feedback on my assignments that said “awkward” or “unclear”?
If English is an Additional Language (EAL) for a student, some conventions of academic writing in English may be challenging and may result in instructor feedback that is vague. A great program to check out in order to see examples and get tips on academic writing is English Academic Writing Support at the QUIC every Tuesday night from 5:30pm-7:30pm. The goal of the program is to help students feel confident in the choices they are making in the mechanics of their writing, so that they can focus on communicating their ideas. Students receive takeaway tips, see examples of effective editing, learn about great resources, and meet their peers.

Is there a particular academic skill I want to get better at?
If students have noticed that they are finding a particular aspect of academics challenging, there are opportunities at SASS to get personal consultations. Take advantage of SASS Appointments for support with academic skills, writing, and/or English language skills.

For example, students can book a one-to-one personalized EAL consultation focusing on English academic writing, speaking, listening, and/or reading skills. If students are feeling disorganized or having trouble writing an exam, they can book an academic skills appointment.

Where do I go if I want a specific academic question answered?
Sometimes, students might just need clarification on one element of their academic work. SASS runs several drop-in programs where students can come by for as little as 15 minutes and ask questions to trained experts.

For support with academic English skills, Academic English Drop-in Support takes place Wednesdays nights between 6pm-8pm in Stauffer, room 143.

For reading, time management, writing, critical thinking, test prep, procrastination, or motivation questions, students can come to Drop-in Academic Skills support on Thursday nights from 5pm-7pm in Stauffer, room 143.

For graduate students looking for writing support, drop-in to the Graduate Writing Lab every Monday and Thursday morning from 9am-12pm in the Graduate Reading Room on the third floor of Stauffer Library.

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