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Posted on Mar 3, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Tax season is here!

Tax season is here!

Taxes don’t usually bring a smile to people’s faces, but Canada’s income tax system (and our income tax workshops for international members of the Queen’s community) can be very beneficial.

First of all, taxes are used to fund many familiar services and systems, like education, health care, and infrastructure like roads.

Secondly, the income tax system isn’t only used to collect money.  It is also used to distribute money to those with low incomes.  Few, if any, students earn enough employment income during their studies that they are expected to pay income taxes.  Instead, they will often qualify to get money back from the Canadian government (usually a few hundred dollars per year).  That benefit alone makes filing your tax forms worthwhile, but that’s the small benefit to filing.  Those who will stay in Canada and work following graduation will aim to find personally and financially fulfilling jobs.  The tax system lets students claim their tuition (and a set amount for each month they are a student) as a tax credit to protect them from paying tax once they find that job.  This can save students thousands of dollars each.

It’s because of those benefits that QUIC offers workshops to international members of the Queen’s community so that they can fulfill their responsibilities and make the most of their rights when it comes to participating in the Canadian tax system.

More information on taxes (including details about our workshops) is available on the Taxes page of our website.

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