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Posted on Feb 23, 2020 in Spotlight | 0 comments

Income Tax Program at the QUIC

Income Tax Program at the QUIC

QUIC provides information and help to students who wish to submit a Canadian Income Tax return. The International Student Advisor and peer volunteers have prepared workshops and income tax clinics for international students seeking help in completing income tax forms using freely-available UFile online tools.

Due to the University COVID-19 response, the following QUIC income tax workshops have been cancelled:

Monday, March 16 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Monday, March 23 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Friday, March 27 9:30am – 11:00am
Monday, March 30 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Monday, April 6 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Tuesday, April 14 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Thursday, April 16 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Monday, April 20 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Friday, April 24 9:30am – 11:00am
Wednesday, April 29 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Please note: If you wish to file for income tax return and don’t have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), you need to apply for an Individual Tax Number (ITN) before using the UFile. For information on how to apply for the ITN, check the CRA website.  Once you receive your ITN, you will use it as a SIN when using the UFile for your tax return.

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