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Posted on Jan 31, 2020 in Spotlight | 0 comments

Improving your Academic Writing

Improving your Academic Writing


Most students have to do some form of academic writing in their programs of study. Academic writing does not come naturally to everyone; students need to keep improving their process through feedback and skills building.

If you’re unsure how to improve your English writing, join us for Write Nights @QUIC on Tuesdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Here’s five things you will get from attending the workshops:

  1. Meet a Student Academic Success Service (SASS) EAL expert who guides you through the workshop. You can also book EAL appointments with them!
  1. See examples of English academic writing by attending the workshops. Research shows that seeing and examining academic writing helps you write better yourself!
  1. Learn how to shift your mindset to think about the reader when you’re writing. We examine how grammar and sentence structure errors affect your ability to communicate your message.
  1. Feel more confident in the choices you are making when writing. This process will help you have conversations with your TA, professor, or supervisor about their feedback.
  1. Meet other students from a wide variety of disciplines and learn about their writing process.

Come try out our upcoming sessions:

March 3: Writing transitions

March 17: Writing critically

March 31: Speaking in academic presentations

There are also lots of other SASS services to suit your academic needs: online resources, workshops, drop-ins, EAL support, and appointments. Services are free, confidential, and run by trained experts. Also check out the Academics page on our website for more information.


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