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Travel outside Kingston

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Via Rail

VIA Rail is Canada’s intercity passenger railway, operating in eight provinces. Student discounts are available and can reduce the cost of tickets significantly. Via Rail can be taken from Kingston to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and beyond.

The Via Rail Stations are usually a taxi or bus ride from the airport.  If you’re not sure how to get to the Via Rail Station from the airport, visit the airport website or ask at the Ground Transportation Desk.

Taxis and buses are available at the Via Rail Station and will take you where you need to go in Kingston.
Face masks or face coverings must be worn on all public transportation.



There is a direct Kingston to Pearson International Airport Megabus service, which makes getting to and from the airport very easy. Megabus picks up and drops off students at both the central bus station and just outside Goodes Hall on main campus.
Face masks or face coverings must be worn on all public transportation.

Tri-Colour Express

The Tricolour Express is returning this Fall of 2022! This economical and friendly service for Queen’s students will provide bus transportation to and from Toronto and Ottawa every weekend, and Montreal once a month. The dates/times/stops are still to be finalized by the AMS student government, and it is expected to start running mid-way through September.



The Kingston Norman Rogers Airport provides multiple connections; services have been updated.

Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal airports are often used, using trains or a bus to get from these airports to Kingston.
Face masks or face coverings must be worn on all public transportation.

Renting a Car

For most car rental companies, you need to meet some requirements before you can rent a car. These requirements will vary depending on the company, but there are some general guidelines.

Some things to consider before you rent a car:

  1. You need a valid Driver’s License;
  2. If you do not have insurance, you will need to purchase it from the Car Agency;
  3. Be sure to check that all lights are working and make a note of any existing dents/scratches;
  4. Some companies will have age restrictions – most companies will require that renters are 21 or older;
  5. You will need to obey all Road Laws in Ontario and the posted speed limits;
  6. Winter Driving – Driving conditions can be dangerous, especially if you have never driven in snow and ice before. 

Car Rental Companies in Kingston:

For information about the laws drivers have to obey when driving in Ontario, visit (insert driver licensed link)