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UFile workshops are now available in the QUIC Zoom Room

Please join us in the QUIC Zoom Room at 10 am (install Zoom then enter meeting ID 92501510345).

The UFile Zoom Room is hosted by the QUIC International Student Advisor, and will be repeated on March 31, April 3 and April 13, 2020.

Completing a tax return can qualify you to receive immediate and future benefits.

A sample student tax profile on UFile could be used as reference for your own UFile filing. (pdf)

The Canada Revenue Agency offers a series of videos that can help international students understand their rights and responsibilities with regard to taxes in Canada.

Other free tax clinics in the region can be found on CRA Free Tax Clinics website.

Tax information for international students on CRA website – click here.

To file your tax return using UFile online, go to UFile website.

Beware of attempts to steal your username, password, Social Insurance Number, and other credentials!

Phone calls and emails that appear to be coming from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are sometimes used to convince people to provide details for their accounts. CRA will NOT call and ask you to make a payment immediately. CRA WILL send you an email that asks you to login to their MyAccount system to see the contents of your message.

CRA provides information to protect yourself from people impersonating their organization or staff.

The deadline to pay taxes has been extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic to June 1st.  After this date, if money is owing, interest will be charged.

There is no penalty if there is no money owing.   In that case, tax returns may be submitted at any time for a previous year (or years). 

For students, some of the information will be available through SOLUS, while some information will be sent to the mailing address that you have on file with Queen’s.   That means it is important to keep your address up-to-date and to save these documents when they arrive.

Everyone should have the following documents for each year of tax forms that they are planning to complete:

  • A record of the rent paid  (unless you only lived in a Queen’s residence during the tax year)
  • A Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Individual Tax Number (ITN) (if you don’t have an SIN, we can help you apply for an ITN at your tax workshop).

More information about the SIN and ITN is available on the CRA website.

All students should have the following documents for each year of tax forms that they are planning to complete:

  • T2202  – Tuition and Education Amount  (Available from SOLUS by the end of February each year)

If you received scholarships or bursaries from Queen’s (or other Canadian sources), you should have:

  • T4A  – Scholarship and Bursary income (Issued by Queen’s to the mailing address you have on SOLUS by the end of February, if applicable)

Scholarships and bursaries are non-taxable (for students).

If you need a T4A from a previous year, you can request it by sending an e-mail to from your Queen’s e-mail account.  More information is available on the Student Awards office website.

If you earned income from Canadian sources you should also have:

  • T4  – Employment Income (Issued by your employer by the end of February, if applicable)  
  • T3 or T5  – Investment or Interest Income (Issued by your bank by the end of February, if applicable)

Further Questions?
If you have further questions regarding your tax situation, you should contact the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) directly to get help.