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Spiritual and Religious Support

You are more than welcome  to practise your religion while you are living in Kingston. Most people in Canada are of varied Christian denominations. The Kingston and Queen’s community is also composed of many other groups of people who have different ways of obtaining spiritual support.

Finding people who practise your religion
If you visit the Queen’s Chaplain’s office in Room 142B of the John Deutsch University Centre (inside the Union Street entrance to the left) someone will help you find out how to meet with other people of your religion or will put you in touch with a person who understands your faith and can answer any questions you might have. Below are a list of direct contacts for representatives of numerous faiths.

The University Chaplain is also available to assist you:

  • in times of crisis, such as death, accident or serious illness, or
  • in times of change such as  preparing for marriage or decide on a career or
  • in times of loneliness or personal need, perhaps due to anxiety, depression or financial problems.

Faith Dates
Please refer to the Office of the University Chaplain  for details about Faith Dates.
Faith dates represent festivals/holy days on which students, faculty and staff may seek accommodation from their professors or supervisors to be absent from class/work. It is recommended that, when possible, the University accommodate requests for absences on religious grounds. If there are any questions concerning a request for accommodation based on a religious holy date, please call the Chaplain’s Office at 613-533-2186.

The dates of some holidays, particularly those that are calculated according to a lunar calendar and rely on sightings of the New Moon (e.g. Islamic holidays), vary according to region. Other observances and dates (e.g Buddhist holidays) vary across culture and strands of traditions.

Representatives from the Hindu and Baha’i state that, although their holy days/festivals begin at sundown the night before, members of their faith group are not required to miss night classes.

In the Jewish tradition, Sabbath starts at sundown on Friday night. Religious Jews do not work or attend classes from sundown Friday to sundown on Saturday night. The most important faith date for Jews is Yom Kippur which is observed for a full twenty-four hours. Most Jews will not attend work or classes during that time. All Jewish festivals begin at sundown but not all require people to miss work or classes. However, some students may leave Kingston to celebrate with their families and may request the time away from classes.
Further Questions?
If you have further questions, after reviewing the information above, advising is available (without an appointment) from the International Student Advisors at the Queen’s University International Centre from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

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