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Will I receive a Queen’s e-mail account?

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Mail (Post)

Canada Post is the national mail service provider. They offer a number of different mailing options for everything from lettermail to large parcels. It can be quite expensive to send large parcels, depending on the weight and size. Check the Shipping your belongings page for more about sending large parcels.

Postage rates for letters are as follows for standard size lettermail under 30 grams:

Canada $0.85
USA $1.20
International $2.95



Cellular (Mobile) Phones

If you are interested in bringing your cellular/mobile phone from home, Canada’s three major cellular providers (and their sub-brands) are able to sell SIM cards that can be placed in existing phones.

It is important to confirm that your phone is compatible with the network before purchasing a SIM card.

While many companies offer discounts that encourage people to choose their services, many of the best deals require signing a contract for as  long as 36 months. It is important that you understand your responsibilities should you choose to sign a contract. Some companies do offer “pay as you go” otherwise known as pre-paid plans which require the purchase of a phone and then air time as it is used.  This is the most common option for those in Canada for a short period of time.

All cellular companies offer SMS text messaging.  Be sure to confirm if there are any additional costs for sending or receiving messages (especially to and from overseas).

It is best not to assume that the mobile services in Canada will be the same as those you may be used to.  Consider exactly how you intend to use the phone (ie. local calls only, receiving calls from abroad, lots of text messaging, etc.) and choose your service accordingly.

Cellular (Mobile) Companies

United-StatesThose coming from the United States should talk with their American provider to determine if they offer a useful service plan.

Voice O

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

e of home phone long-distance calling plans and calling cards, we know many students will choose to use internet-based services to make their calls (ie. Skype).  These services require internet access (information available below), a computer with the necessary software or a phone designed for VOIP and accounts with the various services.  Some services are free, while others charge a nominal fee.

Information about internet service at home and on-campus is available below.

Home phon

Home phone (landline)

st students do not have landlines and use cellular phones (cell/mobile phones) instead, we provide the following information in case it is of value.

To setup landline telephone service, contact Bell Canada at 613-310-2355, visit their website, or go to a Bell World store (the nearest is  at the Kingston Centre – Bath Rd. and Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd). You can either rent a phone from them or buy one inexpensively somewhere else (the cheapest are under $10). You will be charged about $55 for the installation and then approximately $25 a month for the service. This includes unlimited local calling (in Kingston and the surrounding area). Other features such as Call Waiting and Call Answer cost extra.

It is also possible to get home phone service through Cogeco, the local cable television company.

Cogeco will now only provide service for those with Canadian-issued personal identification.

For long distance calling, it is usually cheaper to call in the evenings and on the weekends. Specific calling plans are available depending on where and when you call. You can also choose a different company from Bell for your long distance calls if you wish. If you will be calling one country in particular, it may be worth it to look around and ask about rates for that country. Choose a plan that fits your calling habits. You may also find that calling cards (which are available for purchase at a number of local convenience stores) will offer the best rate for the calls that you intend to make.


f="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Publishing and Copy Centre (P&CC) on the ground floor of the JDUC can send and receive faxes.  Other copy centres downtown provide this service as well.



How can I g

How can I get internet service in my home or apartment?

embers of the Queen’s Community have access to internet-linked computers on Campus (you will find further information below) there are others who would like to have access at home. Students living in Queen’s Residences can get the Resnet service in their rooms.

For students living off-campus interested in having internet access at home there are a few options for high-speed (broadband) internet access.

With larger companies like Bell and Cogeco, combining internet service with other services (home phone, mobile phone, television, etc.) can offer a small discount on each service.

Cogeco will now only provide service for those with Canadian-issued personal identification.


On campus Services

3>Will I receive a Queen’s e-mail account?

Queen’s provides students with a free e-mail account as well as access to wireless internet in many parts of the campus. You can set up your Queen’s NetID, which is the basis for your e-mail account and your access to the Student OnLine University System (SOLUS), with your student number.

Where can I f

Where can I find computers to use?

17;s University International Centre (QUIC) has two computers with internet access in its resource room for student use. Stauffer Library, on the corner of Union and University, has many computers which you can use.

Public Computing Sites on Queen’s Campus

="">Queen’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Computing Sites
  • Queen’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Wireless access points
  • Printing Facilities on Campus

    r Society (AMS) also runs the Publishing and Copy Centre (P&CC) in the lower level of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC).  They accept cash payments for all types of print jobs.

    You can also print from the computers at Stauffer Library or use their photocopiers through PrintQ.

    Where is the C

    Where is the Campus Computer Store?

    ttp://" target="_blank" rel="noopener" class="broken_link">The Campus Computer Store is now closed, but educational discounts may be available.

    My computer is

    My computer is not working, is there help on campus?

    /">ITS’ Support Centre is in Macintosh-Corry Hall, main floor (right across from the food court). They also offer telephone and online support.


    Further Questions?

    r questions, after reviewing the information above, advising is available (without an appointment) from the International Student Advisers at the Queen’s University International Centre from Monday to Friday between 1:00pm and 4:30pm.

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