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Understanding Healthcare

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is modeled after the health insurance provided by the Ontario government. There are two different types of health plans on campus: primary and supplementary plans. These plans offer different types of coverage but they work together to provide full and comprehensive coverage for students. Contact the appropriate office below to learn more about the primary or supplementary health plans.

UHIP (international students are automatically enrolled) covers Hospital visits, Doctor visits - emergency and routine care, x-rays & lab tests, pregnancy, surgery, mental health support (psychiatry), + more. Contact information: Steacy Tibbutt - UHIP administrator Queen's University International Centre. Phone: 613-533-2604. Email: | SGPS/AMS Health & Dental plans (supplementary health plan) Fall students are automatically enrolled. Covers: Prescription drugs (Medicine/vaccines), visits to the dentist, eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, physiotherapy, chiropractor & more. Accident coverage (ambulance), travel coverage, + more. Contact information: SGPS (grads): phone: 613-533-2924, Email:, email:, AMS (undergrads/exchanges) Student Care Networks, Phone: 1-877-795-4420,



For more in depth UHIP coverage information, visit the UHIP Site.