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Cancelling UHIP and refunds


Only students that fit the following criteria and with written confirmation can request a refund of their UHIP fees:

  • You were enroled in annual UHIP coverage (September to August);
  • AND you completed your program prior to March 1;
  • OR you withdrew early from your program (also prior to March 1).

Refunds/adjustments cannot be processed after March 1st

If your registration status changes, it is your responsibility to contact the UHIP Administrator to learn if your coverage or fees can or will be adjusted based on your circumstance. If eligible, refund amounts are based on the request date, may take 4-6 weeks for processing, and once finalized will be applied to your SOLUS account.


Further Questions?

As a student, if you are left with questions regarding UHIP coverage please see the UHIP website, visit QUIC, or contact QUIC's UHIP Administrator (include your student number).