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Supplementary Health Coverage


In addition to University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage, there are other health plans that will include coverage for your travel, dental, vision and prescription needs as well as other non-emergency health services.

These plans are separate from UHIP and offered through both student government offices and the Queen’s University Human Resources office for those that are eligible.

Full-time graduate and undergraduate students that begin in September

are automatically enrolled in supplementary health plans.

Exchange students, School of English students, workers, postdoctoral fellows, visitors, and in-Canada dependants of ALL students

must choose to enrol in this coverage before the set deadlines.


To learn more about your options for supplementary health coverage please contact:


The Alma Mater Society (A.M.S)

If you are an undergraduate student,  (613) 533-3001.

The Society of Graduate and Professional Students (S.G.P.S.)

If you are a graduate student,  (613) 533-2924.

Queen’s Human Resources

If you are an eligible worker, visitor, researcher or part of another non-student group, (613) 533-2070.

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