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Volunteer Programs

Volunteers are a vital and integral part of QUIC activities. The Centre works with more than 100 volunteers each year.  Most of QUIC volunteers are Queen’s University students.  Why should you volunteer?

  • Share your knowledge and experiences with others
  • Meet new people; form new friendships
  • Get involved with the Queen’s community
  • Develop new skills and improve old ones
  • Access Intercultural Training
  • Have fun!

QUIC English Conversation Program volunteers commit 1-2 hours of their time per week, matched with two international students wishing to practice English conversation with a peer. Volunteers can also help in the weekly Conversation Group. All meetings take place on Campus.

The World Link Program at Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) is an intercultural program that promotes learning, sharing, acceptance, and celebration of diverse cultures within the Queen’s community. The program delivers intercultural learning and exchange through sessions and social activities at QUIC.

Orientation and training sessions for new volunteers

Upon submitting your volunteer application, you will be contacted by the program coordinator. All new volunteers are required to attend a training & orientation session specific to the program of interest.

Intercultural Training Series for QUIC volunteers

Volunteers are strongly encouraged to participate in the QUIC Intercultural Competence Certificate training program. Attendance at all scheduled sessions is required in order to receive the Certificate. Students must register for this training by email at

Other Opportunities