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Interim Director
Carole Morrison
presents the concerns of QUIC and of international students to Queen’s administration. As the University Health Insurance Plan Administrator, the director works with other departments to administer UHIP on campus. At QUIC the director works with the team to provide a broad range of support services, and coordinates QUIC projects, fundraising and information systems.

International Student Advisor
Arthur Chen
works in programming for international students, including orientation, and is licensed, as required, as an International Student Immigration Advisor. Arthur is keen to utilize his extensive advising experience to supporting our international students here at Queen’s.


Intercultural Academic Support Coordinator
Agnieszka Herra
ensures that International and EAL students get the best academic support for their needs. Her role is linked with Student Academic Support Services (SASS) to coordinate programming and resources to facilitate academic transition.

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Welcome/Reception & UHIP Support
Ita McConnell
welcomes visitors at the front desk, works with main office student workers, assists with UHIP, and supports the Director and staff. Her position at the front desk is important for sharing of information, and directing students and visitors to services offered within the Centre and other locations at the University.

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International Training Coordinator
Lee Richard
coordinates intercultural training provided by the QUIC to students and staff at Queen’s University.

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Coordinator, Student Programs
Hanna Stanbury
coordinates the English Conversation Program, including the weekly Conversation Group, and oversees the recruitment and training of QUIC volunteers. She works closely with many student staff and is part of the Welcome and Orientation Program team. To promote QUIC, Hanna works in communications, social media and events.

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UHIP & General Administrator
Steacy Tibbutt
coordinates University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for Queen’s students. Steacy also manages the Centre’s financial accounts and supports the administration work of the QUIC Director.

 Other support staff:
Counsellor and Intercultural Advisor
Arunima Khanna
is a Psychologist at Student Wellness Services and a former Queen’s international student. She provides counselling to international students experiencing difficulties and distress associated with transitions and stressors, intercultural issues, academic stress, personal development, family/social relationships and general mood, confidence and mental health concerns. She also advises faculty, staff, student groups and administrators on issues pertaining to the needs of international students.