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Director’s Message

Welcome to the Queen’s University International Centre, or QUIC as we are often called!

Our goal is to help facilitate your transition to Kingston and your success at Queen’s.

Join us for social events, and come in and ask your questions.

You are very welcome to enjoy pot luck dinners, games nights, movie nights, bus trips and more. Developing your peer network will help foster a sense of belonging at Queen’s. We encourage both domestic and international students to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn from and about one another, and to engage fully in both the learning and social elements of university life.

If you need information on immigration, work permits, health insurance, adapting to a new environment, income tax forms, and more, please let us know. QUIC has confidential student advisors who will meet with you to discuss the issues that are important to you, and we’ll host information sessions. We’ll also help you find other resources on campus that might be useful.

English conversation support is available at QUIC, and there are many resources available throughout the university to help you succeed academically.

Staff and student staff at the International Centre and elsewhere on campus are keen to learn from diverse experiences. Please share your knowledge and experience. International students enrich the campus, the community, and Canada.

As you have read this far, I will tell you about me and some of my own international experiences. A few years ago, I participated in an online Intercontinental Masters of Education program, which included universities in Sweden, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. I lived more than 5 years in Scotland and England which I loved. And I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit Mexico, Switzerland, France, and South Korea. One of my offspring lives in Seoul today, so I’ll definitely be returning there for a visit!

Welcome and thank you for being a part of this international community.
See you soon!

Carole Morrison
Interim Director, QUIC