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Associated Clubs

Associated Clubs

Queen’s community is thriving with more than 250 student clubs.  Each year several AMS and SGPS student clubs choose to associate with the QUIC.  The associated clubs have a mandate consistent with that of QUIC, as they create connections and build an inclusive campus community through various social events, and cultural sharing and learning activities.   These clubs are defined and managed by student leaders, and have their membership open to international and Canadian students.

Clubs Associated with QUIC:

The number and type of associated groups varies from year to year as the composition and interest of students change. The QUIC Agreement of Association is valid for the current academic year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31).  For more details on how to associate with the QUIC, renew your association and any relevant timelines, please inquire directly at 613.533.2604 or by email to QUIC.

Please note: All associated clubs that are able to book the QUIC space (subject to availability) must have their designated club members attend the required mandatory QUIC ‘Safety, Security and Good Housekeeping’  training session before using the Centre.