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Other Useful Pre-departure Resources

We recommend that you use this list of extra safety resources when planning for your international experience:

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to obtain essential information for Canadians abroad from the Government of Canada

Foreign Representatives in Canada list will help you find the embassy/consulate in Canada for the country you’ll be visiting

GAC Country Reports will be especially useful for completion of your OCASP form

BBC Country Profiles give excellent statistical information on the countries you will be visiting

GAC  Country Insights gives invaluable cultural/social country insights

Registration of Canadians Abroad – a registration service for all Canadians travelling or living abroad. This service is provided so that you can be contacted and assisted by the Canadian government in an emergency in a foreign country.

Country calling codes to learn how to call one country from another.

For other countries’ embassies visit the Worldwide Embassy Locator.

World Health Organization gives you useful health information for your time abroad

Drugsmart Pharmacy in the ARC has a full-service travel medical clinic and is an excellent resource for vaccinations information

Disability Travel Resources – Travel planning tips and resources for those with special needs

World Radio Network – Tune in to the WRN and hear broadcasts from around the world

Newspapers from around the world – Read local news from around the world

Amnesty International – LGBT Human Rights Status around the world