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World Link upcoming events & workshops

World Link workshops focus on supporting the successful adjustment of international students to the Canadian and Queen’s social and academic culture. Delivered through QUIC in partnership with colleagues across the Queen’s campus. Every student is welcome to attend

Here is the schedule for Fall 2017 World Link workshops:

Date & Time Workshop Title Description
Tues, Sept 26

5:30 – 8pm

Crossing Cultures: Working on successful cultural transition and being poised for success  

This workshop discusses the issues related to settling to Queen’s and Canada: what are the challenges and difficulties?

Attendees will receive support and tips for coping with cultural adjustments, major life changes, and stresses. Students will also become familiar with university and community resources.

Presented by: Counsellor and Cross-Cultural Advisor

Wed, Oct 11

5:30 – 7pm

Cultural Adjustment to Queen’s and Wellness   

This workshop engages international students in dialogue about their adjustment to Queen’s with other international students. Such as understanding the norms around interacting with professors, group discussions, making friends, and utilizing resources.

The session will also focus on the importance of wellness, self-care, and resilience.

Presented by: International Student Advisor & Health Promotions Coordinator

Tues, Oct 24

5:30 – 7pm

Introduction to intercultural communication This workshop provides students with an overview of the dimensions of culture, which will help students gain awareness of cultural differences that can cause challenges or conflict during the early stages of transitioning into a new culture. Students will gain knowledge and build skills to help them interact effectively with

Students will gain knowledge and build skills to help them interact effectively with cultural difference during their time at Queen’s and in their future endeavors.


Presented by: International Training Coordinator & QUIC Director

Tues, Nov 21

5:30 – 7pm

Identity and Inclusion  

This workshop provides students with an overview of issues related to but not limited to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability difference and how they might impact experience(s).

Attendees will learn from other students and will be equipped with resources to navigate challenges faced regarding discrimination.

Presented by: Director, Human Rights Office


World Link events provide social network building opportunities for students. Everyone is welcome to attend

Upcoming World Link event: Evening of Holiday Cheer. Thurs, Dec 7th from 6:00pm 

Please follow the QUIC Calendar here for the most up-to-date events.