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Training for Staff

Training for Staff

Here at Queen’s, we have the opportunity to engage daily with cultural diversity, both visible and invisible. If we want to positively embrace the difference in values, behaviours, and beliefs that diversity represents, that is, if we want to be part of an inclusive community, we need to increase our knowledge around cultural difference and similarity … we need to build our skills in engaging with cultural difference … we need to become more interculturally competent.

The environment at Queen’s is becoming more intercultural as the university works toward achieving its internationalization goals. On its own, and in partnership with other units on campus, QUIC offers many opportunities for staff to begin to gain the skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in this environment.

Other training options for staff are available through Queens’ Human Resources’ Learning and Development programs. Queen’s undergraduate and graduate programs include numerous opportunities for staff to gain international and intercultural knowledge; the university’s Tuition Assistance Program makes this learning accessible to staff after one year of continuous employment at Queen’s.

Certificate in International Perspectives (in partnership with Queen’s Human Resources)

The Certificate in International Perspectives is offered jointly by Queen’s Human Resources and Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC). All staff are eligible to register in the certificate program

Workshops in this program:

  • An Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • An Introduction to the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Education Abroad: Opportunities and Experiences
  • Managing the Risks in International Education
  • Mental Health Issues: International Students at Queen’s and Queen’s Students Abroad
  • The ‘International Experience’ at Home
  • The International Student Experience


Certificate for International Education Professionals (partnership between the IETP and Queen’s Faculty of Education)

The Certificate for International Education Professionals combines face-to-face learning at the IETP Summer Institute (held each June at Queen’s University)  with online courses offered by Queen’s Faculty of Education. A total of two face-to-face courses are required – courses are offered concurrently so that only one can be taken per Summer Institute –  as well as all four online courses – online courses are offered one at a time throughout the calendar year. For more details visit the Certificate web page.


International Educators Training Program (IETP)

The IETP provides competency-based training for various groups of international educators: those entering the field of international student advising, study/work abroad advising, as well as professionals at a mid-career level; it has also developed a course for individuals not directly involved in the profession but who are increasingly required to be aware and effective in an intercultural workplace, and special focus workshops that deal with issues relevant to a broad range of professionals. Various IETP training partners also offer course on topics such as credential evaluation, guided learning in student mobility, and the Intercultural Development Inventory.

Course/workshop length: varies from one to six days
Registration: Please visit the IETP website for more information.


OCASP Form 1 Completion for Travellers

With the implementation of the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP), any undergraduate student travelling across the border is required to complete the OCASP Form 1. This presents some challenges, and QUIC offers training sessions for those travellers whose Form 1 must get final approval from the QUIC Director. The training walks the traveller through proper completion of each section of the form, as well as the completion of a thorough risk analysis based on the traveller’s destination. Contact the Risk & Responsibility Office  for more information.

Session length: 1-2 hours


Program Emergency Contact (PEC) Training

The Program Emergency Contact (PEC) is the emergency contact person designated by a faculty, department or group at Queen’s for each program in which a study/work/travel abroad participant may be involved. QUIC provides a training session that prepares these individuals to carry out the required tasks of a PEC (e.g. address the on-going dimensions of the emergency; raise the awareness of the existence of and procedures pertaining to the Emergency Protocol; evaluate and report on the process of addressing the emergency; etc). By invitation only; Contact the Risk & Responsibility Office for additional information.

Session length: 3 hours

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