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Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification

Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification

Cultural Detective has changed my programs from a ‘deliverer of information’ focus to that of discovery, with less pressure on myself and participants.
Better than a master intercultural workshop! Facilitator exuded training experience and intercultural expertise.
Cultural Detective is so versatile: it’s useful for a variety of purposes and it can be used in so many ways. It’s broadened and deepened my repertoire of effectiveness.
Cultural Detective is a wonderful tool! It will help any team to work better as a team.
Cultural Detective is indescribably valuable in providing directions and methodology to stimulate intercultural awareness and competence.
Cultural Detective helps me to be a better manager of my employees. It helps make my company attractive to a younger and more diverse workforce.
Cultural Detective has become the backbone, the design core, of almost everything I do.


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Description: This workshop will introduce participants to the Cultural Detective® Method and enable them to make full use of Cultural Detective® materials in a variety of contexts. The workshop provides:

  • An excellent introduction to intercultural communication competence,
  • A method to enhance intercultural effectiveness and productivity in organizations and communities.
  • An opportunity for the advanced practitioner to reflect on the things that matter in developing intercultural competence, and hone the ability to combine various theories, approaches, and tools in the field.

Participants receive a facilitator certification manual, series guide, and personal-use copies of the full Cultural Detective facilitator and participant materials for the package used in the demonstration, as well as a 10% discount on Cultural Detective materials they purchase directly, a one-month subscription to Cultural Detective Online, and a certificate and listing as a graduate of the certification course. For more information about the method, visit the Cultural Detective web site.

NOTE: We recommend that you book now to reserve your workshop place, but do not reserve non-refundable airfare until minimum attendance is confirmed. Registrants will be contacted directly if workshop must be cancelled. If it is cancelled a full refund of your payment will be made.

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