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Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-Face Training

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Queen's IETP and CBIE sign MOU

The International Educators Training Program (IETP) is pleased to be collaborating with the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) to deliver face-to-face training to international education professionals across the country.

CBIE and the International Educators Training Program (IETP) are both committed to the recognition of professionals in the field  of international education. They are also committed to ensuring that high quality training opportunities are accessible to as many professionals working across Canada as possible.

From this commitment, CBIE and the IETP have come to an agreement to collaborate in the delivery of IETP training at annual and regional CBIE meetings. This method of delivery will ensure that professionals in all regions of Canada will have access to IETP courses and workshops; moving the training around the country will allow professionals to significantly reduce their travel expenses and to participate in a wide range of meaningful training options.

2016 Training Schedule

The IETP offers face-to-face training in various locations across Canada. This training provides practical skills-based training for international education professionals. Core curriculum developed by the IETP is offered alongside courses and workshops developed by select training partners.

IETP Core Courses (required elements of the IETP Certificate program):
IETP Training Partners

Partner courses will be offered by the IETP according to demand. Watch the IETP Courses page for current offerings.

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