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Certificate for International Education Professionals

Certificate for International Education Professionals

Today’s international educator is called upon to perform a multitude of duties and to be knowledgeable about areas ranging from immigration policy to mental health, from study abroad opportunities around the world to institutional risk management policy. As the field of “international” grows, so too do the career opportunities for professional international educators. In recognition of the professional challenges facing international educators, and with the aim of providing a variety of training opportunities that ensure participants’ learning is complete and well-rounded, and prepares them to succeed and advance in their workplaces, the IETP has partnered with Queen’s Faculty of Education to offer the Certificate for International Education Professionals.

The Certificate for International Education Professionals  is comprised of face-to-face and online courses. The face-to-face experience  offers participants optimal networking opportunities and practical skills development during the IETP’s Summer Institute; the online experience developed by Queen’s Faculty of Education introduces them to the theory and practice of providing programs for adult learners in non-formal settings, as well as the latest technological learning practises.


Certificate Requirements

The Certificate for International Education Professionals combines face-to-face learning at the IETP Summer Institute (held each June at Queen’s  University)  with online courses offered by Queen’s Faculty of Education. A total of two face-to-face courses are required – courses are offered concurrently so that only one can be taken per Summer Institute –  as well as all four online courses – online courses are offered one at a time throughout the calendar year.


Face-to-Face Courses

Each face-to-face course is $1,750 + HST
One of the following:

These courses will next be offered at the 2014 Summer Institute. Registration is now open.


Online Courses

Each online course is $575 + HST
All courses are required to complete the certificate program:

  • INTR 100 Program Evaluation for International Education Professionals (Course Description)
    Next offering: Winter 2015
  • INTR 110 Curriculum Design for International Service-Learning (Course Description)
    Next offering:  October 6-November 28, 2014 (registration opens April, 2014)
  • INTR 120 Learning with Adults in an Intercultural Setting (Course Description)
    Next offering: February 3- March 28, 2014 (registration is open)
  • INTR 130 Managing International Education Programs (Course Description)
    Next offering: July 7-August 29, 2014 (registration opens April, 2014)

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