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IETP: International Educators Training Program

IETP: International Educators Training Program

The work accomplished by the IETP team is quite remarkable. Your efforts will no doubt lead to a strong new generation of international educators that will surely guarantee Canada’s place among the top education destinations for international students and as a provider of international learning experiences for Canadian Students.

Karen McBride, President and CEO, CBIE

Registration is open for this year’s Summer Institute:  JUNE 8-13, 2014


IETP: Certificate  for International Education Professionals


The Certificate for International Education Professionals combines face-to-face learning at the IETP Summer Institute (held each June at Queen’s  University)  with online courses offered by Queen’s Faculty of Education. A total of two face-to-face courses are required – courses are offered concurrently so that only one can be taken per Summer Institute –  as well as all four online courses – online courses are offered one at a time throughout the calendar year.  More…

IETP: Summer Institute


The Summer Institute is held each June and offers professional development courses and workshops developed and delivered by the IETP’s team of trainers, as well as a number of other courses delivered by the IETP’s training partners. The next Summer Institute will be held June 8-13, 2014. More…


IETP: Customized Training


The IETP can be contracted to deliver any of its core  courses and workshops  to a group of participants in their workplace. Upon consultation, the training can also be customized to meet the specific context in which participants are working.  More…


IETP: History and Philosophy


Internationalization means reshaping the way(s) we know …In a shrinking world, the internationalization of institutions, businesses, and organizations is a reality. The impacts are profound: more…

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