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Single Gender Housing

Students wishing to live in single-gender housing have a number of options.

Some Residence halls have designated same gender floors. To learn more about living in Residence, please visit

You will find a number of housing options listed on both the Queen’s Community Housing Listing Service and the International Housing Office Listing Service.

In many cases students looking for roommates to share their apartments or houses are looking for a preferred gender (a group of female students are looking for another female or a group of male students are looking for another male to complete their housing group).

Read the comments section of the listings, call and tell the students you want to live with students of the same gender before you make an appointment to look at the room.  Ask about the rules of the house. Are overnight guests of the opposite gender allowed?  If so, is this acceptable to you?

Many of the rooms in the “Private Home” listings are a good option for those students wishing to live in single-gender housing. People renting rooms in their private homes to international students and workers are often looking for a housemate of the same gender, and even if they do not say this in their listing, they are normally only offering a room to one student. Contact the landlord and tell them exactly what you are looking for. If the landlord is the same gender as yourself, chances are this might be a good match for you. If you choose to live with the landlord, you need to know that the same landlord-tenant rules do not apply. You will be sharing common areas with the landlord but you are not included in any lease agreement. To learn more about renting a room in a private home, please visit the Student-Community Relations website.