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Temporary Housing Options

  • Extended Summer accommodations on campus are available to newly arriving International Students until Monday August 28 (last night available: August 28, check-out on August 29). This service is provided by Queen’s Event Services in the McNeill House Residence Hall. All guests must move out by noon on August 29 (no exceptions). To request an extended period of stay and reserve a room, international students must email or call +001 613-533-2223. To secure a reservation students need to provide the following information:

Arrival Date:
Departure date:
Student Number:

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT email any credit card information. Payment will be collected upon arrival.

The rate: $45/night for a single room, and $55/night for a double. Designated building (subject to change): Stay at McNeill House on Main Campus, with your check-in and check-out at nearby Watts Hall’s 24-hour front desk.

QUIC Student & Community Emergency Hosts

Host requests must be based on an urgent situation, and emailed 1 – 5 days prior to the date when temporary accommodations are needed. This program can only accommodate 1 – 2 people with a single host, has limited capacity and is subject to availability of volunteers.