Module 1 - Thinking About Culture
 Who are you - culturally speaking?
 Defining Culture 
 Culture Matters
 Cultural Metaphors
 The Iceberg Metaphor
Module 2 - Increasing Knowledge
 Culture General and Culture Specific Knowledge
 How you think about time
 How you communicate
 How you show emotions
 Culture general and culture specific information in proverbs
 The danger of stereotypes
Module 3 - Building Skills
 It takes skill to be open to difference
 Try this method for effective intercultural interaction
 D.I.E.: Describe
 D.I.E.: Interpret
 D.I.E.: Evaluate
Module 4 - Reframing Mindsets
 How do you feel around difference?
 How comfortable are you with difference and similarity?
 Our differences are as important as our similarities
Module 5 - Going Forward in an Intercultural World
 Tools for success - the intercultural way
 Think about how you can increase your knowledge
 Think about what you can do to fine-tune your intercultural skills
 Think about how you can shift your mindset so you are comfortable with both similarity and difference
 One final perspective