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Obtaining proof or opting-out of UHIP


UHIP stands for the University Health Insurance Plan, a mandatory health plan that provides primary medical coverage for most doctor and hospital services in Ontario and a plan administered at most Ontario universities. Opting-out of UHIP is only available under specific circumstances and timelines, otherwise, UHIP is mandatory.

In order to receive your proof of coverage or challenge the requirement for UHIP, you are required to enter the on-line UHIP verification system within the first 45 days of your enrollment, with your net id and password you will be prompted to answer 4 basic questions. Failure to do so does NOT negate coverage or responsibility of fees. Opt-out requests after this timeline will not be accepted and UHIP coverage and fees will remain without exception.


Access to this system can be obtained directly from the following locations:

  • the QUIC website link – UHIP Verification System -Action required;
  • an email sent to your Queen’s email account prior to the start of the term/year, titled: UHIP Verification System – Action Required and through the Verify Now link;
  • the self-serve UHIP stations located at QUIC (Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)


Once completed, both documents should be saved and printed (proof of UHIP and an information sheet that provides you with basic information regarding the plan).  These documents should be kept accessible and a hard-copy presented for each and every clinic or hospital visit to minimize costs to you.  Access to this on-line system will remain for each valid period of coverage should you need to reprint the documents.

Further Questions?

As a student, if you are left with questions regarding UHIP coverage please see the UHIP website, visit QUIC, or contact QUIC’s UHIP Administrator (include your student number).