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Posted on Jan 6, 2017 in News, Students | 0 comments

Warm International Welcome

QUIC is providing Welcome and Orientation activities during the first week of January for newly arrived international students, including students on exchange.

The week will conclude with a movie night on Friday, January 6, downtown tour on Saturday, January 7, and a social dinner on Sunday, January 8.

Our student staff and advisors received lots of questions, from how to secure a visa for travel to the USA, to how to best dress for Canadian winters.

Tunde from South Africa, lived in Nigeria: “At Queen’s you get to meet people from all over the world with many people from Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is a combination of cultures. You don’t ever feel lonely. If your purpose is to get a college education, Queen’s is a great place.  The system is very accommodating and gives to room to figure out your future, you just have to pack your bags and go. I would definitely recommend students to come to Canada.”

Winnie, Luxy, and Felix: “We are very, very excited for our adventure. We just arrived yesterday from Hong Kong and China! We saw snow for the first time yesterday and love it.”

Markus from Switzerland: “When I first arrived not many people were around and everything was closed because it was Christmas Eve. But then all of a sudden all of the shops opened and stayed open all the time. I really like a 24/7 lifestyle. Back in Switzerland everything closes around 5, so I have enjoyed all of the constant action and great people ever since. I have already explored Ottawa and Toronto, and am looking into ski trips, and soon to be exploring Montreal.”

Arm from Thailand: “My first impression of Canada is that it is very beautiful. It is completely different from my home country in Bancock, Thailand. The first day I arrived I saw snow! I have done lots of exploring of Toronto, I have been skating and enjoying the change of seasons. I my country there are only three seasons, warm, hot, and very hot. I love winter! I also sleep much better in Canada, I feel so relaxed.”

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