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Acculturation and Transition to Life and Academic Success (ATLAS)

Are you an international student coming to Queen’s for the first time?


Will you be a first year undergraduate student at Queen’s in September 2015?


Would you like a “head start” to adjust to life and studies at Queen’s?

If you answered YES to these questions, then the ATLAS program may be for you!


What is ATLAS?

  • A series of online webinars (during the summer) and in-person opportunities (in September), to help international undergraduate students adjust to Queen’s and prepare for academic success.


How much does it cost to participate?

  • There is no cost to participate in ATLAS.


How will I benefit if I participate?

  • The program aims to support your cultural, social, and academic adjustment to Queen’s
  • By participating in the program, you will…
    • Meet and start to develop friendships with both first year and upper year international and domestic students at Queen’s
    • Learn about academic and library resources as well as meet academic support and library staff available for your academic success
    • Learn about healthy lifestyle choices on campus that will support your academic success
    • Learn how to recognize signs of your own mental health or stress and meet people who can support any personal and academic challenges you may face
    • Be encouraged and supported to maintain your identity and culture while engaging with diverse social and academic communities at Queen’s
    • Begin to feel a sense of belonging and community at Queen’s and a sense of confidence that you can succeed personally, socially and academically



The Queen’s ATLAS Program

Meeting your diverse adjustment and transition needs…


ATLAS Venn Diagram