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Shipping your belongings

Shipping to Canada

If you have belongings that you cannot bring with you when you travel to Canada, you may be able to ship some of them to Kingston.   If necessary, it may be possible to have goods sent to our Centre.  

Do not ship items you will need immediately on arrival.   Instead, you should bring these things with you.

If you must send items to our office, it is important to note that the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) has very limited storage space.   Please contact our staff before shipping any of your belongings to tell us the number of boxes, the estimated delivery date and how to contact you when they arrive.

If you do decide to ship something, you should do the following:

  • Get an estimate of shipping time.
  • Plan for your belongings to arrive in Kingston after you do.
  • If sending items by post, please note that items are for personal use and that you are an international student/worker.   If possible, reference your study/work permit number (found on the letter of introduction provided by the embassy).
  • If sending items through a shipping company, items may initially be held at a local warehouse until cleared by the local customs office when proof of student/work permit and a list of shipped items is provided as well as any duties paid (if applicable).
  • Keep all shipping records (including a list of all shipped items).
  • You must declare shipped items as “Goods to Follow” when you arrive in Canada.   Failure to do so may result in duty being charged on the shipped goods.
  • Mark all shipped items with your name and our address as follows:

<Your Name>
c/o International Centre Room 117, John Deutsch University Centre
87 Union Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6

The Centre does not pay any duties or other fees owing on shipments addressed to the Centre.

Refunds of improperly charged duties can be requested through the Customs Informal Adjustment Request form.


Shipping out of Canada

For information about shipping your belongings out of Canada, please see our “After Queen’s” page.