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Cost of UHIP

The  length of  UHIP coverage you are required to have is pre-determined by  your type of studies, or  in the length of your work contract  at  Queen’s University, and  if you have  Canadian citizenship or not.

Required Terms of Coverage

Students in Degree/Credit programs

Automatically enroled in single person  UHIP coverage for the full academic year (or the remainder of the academic year based on their term start).

Students in Non-degree/Non-Credit programs

Automatically enroled  in single person UHIP coverage each term that they are registered at  Queen’s University.

The (single person) UHIP fee will be applied  directly to your SOLUS account.   Payment for this coverage can  be managed in  the same method as all other payments to the university.      

All students with dependents (spouse/children) residing with them in Ontario

Must visit the Queen’s University International Centre (Room 117, JDUC) to  enroll  their  dependents in UHIP.   Failure to do so within the first 30 days will result in a $ 500 late enrolment penalty plus retroactive UHIP fees.

Students and their dependents who do not have valid Canadian provincial/territorial health insurance (such as: Alberta Health, OHIP, etc.)

Must also enroll in UHIP coverage until they can obtain Canadian provincial/territorial coverage. With proof of this coverage, UHIP coverage can be cancelled.


Cost of UHIP Coverage

(2013-2014 Academic Year) Rates effective as of September 1, 2013

UHIP Coverage & Costs   (based on term registration) Single Student Rate Addition of 1 Dependent Addition of 2  or more Dependents
1 Term (4  months) $ 228 + $ 228 + $ 456
2 Terms  (8 months) $ 456 +  $ 456 + $ 912
Annual Coverage (12 months) $ 684 +  $ 684 + $ 1368

Further Questions?

Students can review the UHIP website, visit the UHIP desk at the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC), or contact QUIC’s UHIP Administrator.

Visitors, Workers, Post Doctoral Fellows (and other non-students), should  contact Human Resources at (613) 533-2070 to make an appointment for UHIP enrolment.