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Other Health Plans and Resources

The following list of health resources was compiled to provide you with quick access to the most appropriate health information while you are attending Queen’s University. Each link will provide you with more specific details for each health plan.

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)


University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)


Supplementary Health and Dental Plans

Please Note: These supplementary plans are separate from UHIP.


 Health Services Available in Kingston


Health Services when Travelling within Canada


Coverage Needs for Travelling outside of Canada

  • Always carry your UHIP card and proof of your supplementary health and dental plan along with a claim form.
  • UHIP provides  very little  coverage when you travel outside of Canada, however, UHIP will still act as the first payor.
  • Information about private insurance options is available on our Travel Beyond Kingston page.


Potential Insurance providers when/if not eligible for UHIP

  • These insurance companies have experience providing coverage for clients that do not qualify for UHIP, or Canadian Provincial/Territorial Health Insurance: