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World Link Volunteer Program

QUIC’s World Link Volunteer Program is intended to support the intercultural experiences of Queen’s students, to create opportunities to highlight the varied international experiences of Queen’s students. This is a chance for international students or students who have recently returned from abroad to share their international experiences and act as international ambassadors at Queen’s.

Who can participate?

  • International/exchange students or students who have recently returned from work/study abroad
  • Volunteers with a strong interest in sharing personal international experiences with others in a dynamic, creative and cross-culturally sensitive way

What are the responsibilities of World Link volunteers?

Program tasks may include:

  • Completing a volunteer profile highlighting international experience
  • Facilitating social educational events at the QUIC
  • Writing for the QUIC blog
  • Giving interviews on experiences abroad for Queen’s Radio or QTV
  • Hosting and showcasing regional cultural highlights at QUIC Community Lunches
  • Contributing to QUIC promotional efforts and international events on campus when necessary

The approximate expected time commitment is 5-7 hours per month.

How to apply:

World Link Applications are accepted until September 27, 2015. Please submit your application to

** If you would like information on other ways to get involved as a volunteer, please visit our volunteer opportunities page, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator.