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Photo Exhibit Opens in Downtown Kingston

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QUIC has partnered with the City of Kingston Cultural Services to prepare a unique exhibit of student photos, starting April 1st. The exhibit room at the Pump House Steam Museum, 23 Ontario Street, in downtown Kingston was chosen as an ideal space to share Queen’s students’ experiences with local communities. Photos are on display until April 25. The Museum is open  Tue – Fri 12noon – 4pm, Sat 10am – 5 pm. Admission is free with any Queen’s ID. The Exhibit was recently featured on Kingston CKWS Television and in...

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6 Silly Excuses for Choosing to Not Go On Exchange

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This post was written by Rebecca Isaak, a QUIC World Link Volunteer who studied for a Semester at Sea during Winter 2014. While I was preparing for exchange, I heard many excuses from friends who chose not to go on exchange. While there are certainly many valid reasons, here are some that are less so. 1. “Study abroad costs so much!” Queen’s does a fantastic job of offering affordable exchange programs with partner universities, so you are paying the same tuition abroad as you are in Kingston. While it is true that studying abroad can be more...

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Income Tax help at QUIC

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March marks the end of winter (we hope) and the start of “tax season”. We offer tax workshops for international students and scholars at Queen’s to help those that are new to Canada understand their tax rights and responsibilities. Some people are required to complete tax forms because they have Canadian income, while others have no income, but have an opportunity to complete tax forms and get money ($) from the government.  Whether you have income or not all students will benefit from completing their forms.Our tax...

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Canadian culture shock

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The following is a post by Yens. I consumed a lot of North American media while growing up in Indonesia and Singapore. Therefore, when I heard that we were going to be immigrating to Canada, I was so excited. I knew it was going to be a fabulous country with lots of opportunities to grow and pursue my dreams. When I first came to Canada, I thought I knew the culture well. After all, I did come to Canada and the United States as a tourist before, and I am familiar with the North American culture, or so I thought. I was wrong. There is a huge...

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Setting sail around the world

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  On January 10th 2014, I embarked on the most singular event of my life. Along with over 500 students from around the world, I set sail on the M.V. Explorer with the program Semester at Sea. As the name suggests, I spent a full semester on a ship. Over 112 days, I saw 12 different countries, made countless new friends, and even shaved off all my hair. As you can expect, I am often asked, “What was your favourite country?” If you do ask me that, watch for the moment when my eyes glaze over. I am again seeing the neon glow of Japan,...

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QUIC Photo Contest

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Winning photos are currently on display at the QUIC. Contest Winner: “Pause” by Fenton Isaacs (ArtSci’17), taken in Indonesia Category Winners: People and Culture  –  Mitchell Gleason Landscape & Nature  –  Erin Colwell My Home Away from Home –  Werdah Iqbal Critical Global Issues  –  Kelsey Ross New this year:  Selected entries will be also displayed at a local Pump House Steam Museum in April 2015! Opening Reception: Tue March 31, 6:30 pm at the Pump House. Please RSVP at...

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Differences between Danish and Canadian culture

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Hi, I’m Justin Yee, a World Link Volunteer. Outlined below are five intercultural differences between Danes and Canadians that I observed during my one-semester exchange at Aarhus University. 1. Consumerism It can be argued that consumerism has taken the Canadian lifestyle by storm. We want it all – fastest car, biggest house, the most money – often neglecting our friends and families to reach our goals. The Danes, it seems, have not yet been swept away by the idea of spending more to be happier, instead focusing on a doctrine called Hygge –...

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Resources for academic success at Queen’s

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Hi everyone, it is Ning again. I hope you liked my previous blog post. Today I would like to talk about the importance of making the best use of your time at Queen’s. There are tons of resources available on campus. Four resources which I use most frequently are my professors, my TAs, the Writing Centre and the Learning Strategies Centre, both of which are Student Academic Success Services (SASS). There are tons of other resources – it is just impossible for me to list all of them here. First, talk to your professor if you ever have any...

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Breaking out of the comfort zone

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Hi, my name is Natalie Kauf and I’m a QUIC World Link Volunteer. I’ve written down some advice for those of you who are preparing to study abroad. When deciding to study abroad, many students do it with a goal of broadening their cultural horizons.  Many people also criticise remaining within the ‘safety’ of social circles where we find people of the same cultural background. I would like to suggest, however, that perhaps we do this much more often than we think. By deciding to do a year in Beijing where my studies would be...

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QUIC to welcome new int’l students

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Close to 300 new international students will be arriving on campus this January. The semester will start fast this year, as classes are commencing on Monday, Jan. 5th. The QUIC will be open during the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, January 3rd and 4th, to ease the arrival of new international students.  The Welcome and Orientation Program will offer multiple events, orientation sessions, a welcome meal and a bus trip to a local conservation area. Did you know students can borrow skates at the QUIC?  The skating ring in the Springer Market...

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