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Intercultural Competency Training Starts This Month

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It takes a lifetime to become interculturally competent…maybe longer.  QUIC understand this, and has developed various training activities that are meant to engage all members of the Queen’s community in the journey to intercultural competence. For students, we offer an intercultural competence certificate program that guides participants through the discovery of their own cultures, provides some basic skills and knowledge to navigate intercultural interactions, and helps them to understand their own orientations toward difference and...

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Go Abroad Fair, organized by QUIC

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We are proud to bring the annual Queen’s Go Abroad Fair to campus! Thursday, September 25 from 12-5pm in the Biosciences Atrium Are you interested in studying, working, volunteering, interning or teaching English abroad, either before or after graduation? Participating organizations include universities & study abroad programs, volunteer organizations, language schools, scholarship and funding programs, Queen’s exchange programs, teaching English as a second language placement programs, and more! So come to the fair, speak to  this year’s...

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QUIC Welcomes New International Students, Scholars and Families

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Arrival to Canada is an exciting time for new international students, as they start a new experience at Queens, and for  QUIC staff when meeting hundreds of individuals from all over the world during this busy period. Welcoming students to the University brings many rich intercultural moments, fresh perspectives and unexpected connections. QUIC staff work hard at our Welcome and Orientation program that offers activities, trips, games, tours and information sessions.  Students advisors are ready to ensure everyone gets equipped with the...

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QUIC Intern: Can’t wait to meet students

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Every year, QUIC hires an intern who brings enthusiasm and experience to Queen’s community. Through practical and theoretical training, QUIC prepares the intern for future career in the field of International Education. My name is Jennifer Shui Kay Ma and I will was warmly welcomed to the position in the beginning of August. I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Ottawa with concentrations in Linguistics and Geography. In my third year of university, I went on a study abroad exchange at the University of Iceland in...

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QUIC and Queen’s will be closed on August 4!

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Monday August 4, 2014 is a Civic Holiday.  Queen’s University and QUIC will be closed for the Civic Holiday and will re-open on Tuesday, August 5.

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ATLAS: New Program for arriving undergraduate students

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This year, QUIC introduces ATLAS: One-day program held on Queen’s campus, to help international undergraduate students adjust to and prepare for academic success at Queen’s. When does ATLAS happen? Pre-program reception on Saturday, August 30th, 2014, 7 – 9 PM (optional attendance) All day program on Sunday, August 31, 2014, from 9 – 3:30 PM (required attendance)  How much does it cost to participate? The program costs $75. If selected to participate, $125 will be charged to the student’s account in order to hold a spot. $50 will be...

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QUIC and Queen’s will be closed on July 1

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QUIC and Queen’s will be closed on July 1

  Tuesday July 1, 2014 is Canada Day.  Queen’s University and QUIC will be closed for the national holiday and will re-open on Wednesday, July 2. If you’re in Kingston, think about joining the celebrations in town. If you’re elsewhere, consider joining one of the celebrations taking place around the world. (There’s even an early celebration this weekend at the Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England!) Wherever you are and however you celebrate it, Happy Canada Day to...

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The World Cup continues at QUIC!

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Students and friends continue to gather over lunch and in the afternoons, to share their excitement and enjoy the game.  It seems on campus there are students from almost every country represented.  We have seen outfits of many colours, and a few flags as well, as the cheering goes on.  The QUIC Churchill Hall has once again proven a useful and welcoming space, where cultures and conversations mingle.  You can always find us in the JDUC.  With the beautiful summer weather, campus seems a bit more relaxed.  Feel free to drop in!  ...

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IETP is ready to welcome educators

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As part of QUIC’s training mandate, it offers the International Educators Training Program (IETP) Summer Institute each June at Queen’s University’s main campus. The IETP began in 2003, and since that time, more than 750 international education professionals from across Canada and around the world have taken part in the program. The Summer Institute provides practical skills-based training for international education professionals. Core curriculum developed by the IETP is offered alongside courses and workshops developed by select training...

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We had a great year!

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Hi, this is Janice Barling, the Group leading facilitator.  I wanted to share a few words. Firstly, the student attendees are from many different countries and range from undergraduates, graduates, visiting scholars, and spouses of international students at Queen’s.  They are such an interesting and diverse group of people. We enjoyed each other’s company and had many laughs. The sessions generally followed a format. Each week we picked a topic and the main objective was to create a forum where students that provided an opportunity for...

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