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QUIC Photo Contest is accepting submissions!

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Students are invited to submit their photos to the annual International Photo Contest with QUIC. Categories are: People and Culture Landscape and Nature Home away from Home Critical Global Issues 2 photos per student max. Please email your JPG photo(s) and descriptions from your Queen’s email account to Each photo must have a creative title. Attachments must be JPG format with high resolution, each file name containing title, category and student name, eg. BeforeSunset_Landscape_JaneSmith.jpg Low resolution photos will not be accepted.  All entries must be printable, 11 x 17 inches size min. We need your Queen’s email address, full name and degree designation (eg Jane Smith, ArtSci’17). Description must include creative title, location where the photo was taken, category to which you are submitting, and a mini-story 150 – 200 words about you taking the photo (when and why did you take the photo; was it a meaningful experience). Your description may be published/publicly shared. Last day to submit to the Contest: January 30, 2017. This is juried contest, where winners are selected by a panel of judges/photographers in early...

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International Education Week Nov. 14-18 #IEW2016

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To celebrate international education in Canada, units at Queen’s University are inviting students to the following activities: Monday, Nov. 14  #IEW2016 Meet the QUIC World Link Team, ARC 10 – 4:30pm Law International Exchange Info Session, Macdonald Hall Rm 001, 1 – 2:30pm ArtSci & Engineering International Exchange Fair, Wallace Hall 5 – 7pm QUIC International Photo Contest opens with Early Bird Tuesday, Nov. 15 Arts&Science Exchange Apps go live Wednesday, Nov. 16 QUIC International Community Lunch 12 – 1:30pm QUIC World Link Trivia Night, QUIC, 6:30 – 8:30pm International @ Home concert, The Isabel, 6:30pm – sold out Thursday, Nov. 17 Back from Abroad: IPO Student Panel about Exchange, QUIC, 5 – 7pm Agnes Etherington Art Centre Tour with QUIC English Conversation Group, AEAC, 36 University Ave., 5:30 – 7pm Friday, Nov. 18 International Programs: 20th Anniversary, International Programs Office IPO, 3 –...

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Alumni Story: An International Reunion

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Prepared by: QUIC & Queen’s Alumni Review This summer, a group of former Queen’s graduate students returned to Kingston to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their meeting at the “International House” on 152 Albert Street. The house originally opened as a Queen’s graduate residence in 1986, designated for 10 female Canadian and international master’s students. Besides living together and helping each other, the members of the house experienced cultural exchange first-hand and enjoyed various events including Sunday international luncheons. After graduation, they stayed in touch and had their first major reunion back in 2006 when seven members (plus some of their children) got together and stayed at Victoria Hall to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Fast forward to 2016, some of their children are now students at Queen’s. This summer, Alison Bailey. MPL’89 (originally from Trinidad), Anne Fogerty Lee, Meds’90 (Canada), Jean Woon, MBA’88 (Singapore; she flew in for this occasion), and Noriko Yabuki-Soh, MA’88 (originally from Japan) stayed at the home of Kathy (Moore) Osborne, MSc’88 (Canada) in Kingston for three days, while they toured some campus buildings including the former International House and enjoyed sightseeing downtown. Amy Vail, MA’88 (U.S.) and Manomi Perera, MSc’88, PhD’92 (Sri Lanka) participated in the reunion via Skype. The group also met up with Wayne Myles, former director of Queen’s University International Centre, as well as Susan Anderson who has just retired from the same position of QUIC. “It is just wonderful,” says Susan, “that the main purpose of the International House was fulfilled in the most ideal way.” The members plan to keep in touch on WhatsApp and get together possibly in Bali or Tokyo in 2020. “We will be back again in Kingston in 10 years!” Thanks to Noriko for the reunion report and Kathy Moore for the photo. From left to right, Alison Bailey, Noriko Yabuki-Soh, Kathy (Moore) Osborne, Anne (Fogerty) Lee, and Jean Woon. Bottom photo with Susan Anderson and Wayne Myles in Kingston, 2016                          ...

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ALERT concerning International Students!

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International students are being targeted by an agency that is falsely calling students directly to notify them of issues with their immigration status and asking students to pay $1500 to resolve issues. Please be advised that this is a hoax and that you should not make any payment. If you receive such  a call, you should report the incident to the police. If you are concerned  about your immigration status please drop by Queen's University International Centre to talk to our International Student Advisor. Useful Resources: Reporting Fraud – Citizenship & Immigration Canada Canadian Anti-Fraud...

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Orientation Programs for New Students

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Many new students are exploring what Orientation programs are available at Queen's. We encourage students to participate in as many orientation programs and events as possible. The University is really looking forward to welcoming the new cohort to campus! For INTERNATIONAL students, we want to especially mention the International Orientation organized by QUIC. QUIC offers activities for those arriving early, extended hours of operation evenings and  weekends between Aug. 29th and Sept. 11th, a bus trip to Toronto, and several orientation sessions.   First year international students who are starting their UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE at Queen's will be no doubt participating in the University Orientation for 1st year students between Sept. 4th and 6th. In addition, we invite these students to the ATLAS orientation session, organized by QUIC on Sept. 5th, 1:00-2:00pm, BioScience Bldg. room 1102 (main floor auditorium).   International (and Canadian) undergraduate students who are new to Queen's, but going into an UPPER year (incoming EXCHANGE, transfer or BISC castle students) are invited to register in the NEWTS Orientation Week between Sept. 7th and 10th.  What is NEWTS?  A program run mainly by the undergraduate student society AMS (Alma Mater Society)  Students who want to participate in NEWTS need to pre-register and pay a small fee.   International GRADUATE students will benefit from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Orientation, including the SGS Welcome and Resource Fair on Sept. 6th, 9:00am-11:00am, ARC Main Gym (pancake breakfast 8:00-9:00am).      ...

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Invitation to Summer Conversation Group

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Are you new to Queen's and Canada?  Have you been with us for a while and looking to get more English conversation practice? International students, research staff and their spouses are welcome to attend the English Conversation Group at the QUIC.  Our English Language Support Program provides participants with an opportunity to practice English pronunciation, vocabulary, conversation and other language skills.  Our program has been serving students enrolled in degree programs (undergraduate or graduate), visiting scholars, and international internship participants for over 15 years. Weekly sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions about language use, Canadian culture, and about Queen's in a friendly informal setting.  Formal registration is not required and new participants may join any time. Summer schedule: June & July, Thursdays, 2:00 – 3:30 pm at the International Centre. We meet at the International Centre, and when the weather allows we go and sit for conversation outdoors, enjoying our beautiful campus. The group is very diverse. This year we already met participants from China, Egypt, France, Iran, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.          ...

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Adventures after Graduation

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The snow crunched underfoot as I hiked back over the last stretch of the glacier. I paused to unzip my parka; the bright sun was high in the pure blue sky, and it was nearing five degrees Celsius — downright hot for an Antarctic summer. I could hear the trumpeting calls of the Adélie penguins in the distance, but it wasn’t until I got closer to the colony that I saw what everyone was so excited about: downy grey chicks, cushioned beneath their protective parents. Farther in the distance I could see other penguins swimming, exploding out of the water like miniature killer whales as they porpoised back to shore. This was our last landing along the Antarctic peninsula, and the final day of this journey certainly did not disappoint.  My name is Ellie and I am an Arts ’08 alumna. I first started traveling in high school, continued doing so throughout my time at Queen’s, and never really stopped once I graduated. For me, travel has always been an important part of how I define myself. Exploring the world inspires lifelong learning, and that doesn’t need to end after you finish your semester abroad.  While I have travelled extensively throughout Central America, Europe, and Japan, this year I got the incredible opportunity to go on a true adventure of a lifetime. Because of my love of travel, I have always enjoyed teaching my students about the world. As a teacher, I recognize the importance of expanding my students’ worldview and helping them develop their own senses of wonder and exploration. Although I knew applying to the National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program would be a long shot, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try. That’s how I found myself, in December 2015, boarding a plane headed for Buenos Aires, the first stop on a long journey to the Antarctic peninsula. We then continued on to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, to board the National Geographic Explorer. We made our way out of the Beagle Channel and were soon crossing the Drake passage. As the seasickness passed, it became harder and harder to force myself to go to sleep each night. I wanted to make every moment count, and the nearly 24-hour sunlight made that easy to do. One often experiences “firsts” while travelling, and this trip was no exception — we saw our first icebergs, watched our first penguins waddle, gasped at the sight of our first whales, hiked for the first time on the world’s most remote continent, and kayaked for the first time in serene polar waters. As world explorers, these “firsts” help us make sense of and better understand our everyday experiences back home. They help us step back and appreciate the profound beauty of our world, in an age where we can so often get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the everyday, and we return home from these incredible adventures forever changed. Travelling doesn’t need to end after your exchange or graduation trip are over and you’ve entered the working world. Sure, you can always take some vacation time, but don’t get stuck at a desk and forget opportunities that may exist within your career. You never know what kinds of travel opportunities may exist...

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International Student Explores the World

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Hi, I’m a 4th year commerce international student from Fujian province in Southeast coast of China. This is the third time I participated in QUIC’s photo contest and I am very honored that I get a prize every year. I started photography 6 year ago, and my interest in photography originated from my love for travel. I started traveling a lot within China and abroad since middle school, when I travelled to different places I really wanted to keep the beautiful moments so that I would still remember them in the future. So my Dad, who also loves visiting new places, bought me my first DSLR. So far, I have been to 17 countries. I always bring a big backpack when I travel because I need to put the camera, lenses, sometimes tripod and lighting in it. As I’m quite slim even in Chinese standard, people often ask me how did I manage to bring such a heavy bag everywhere. But I love it. Also, photography has highly increased my patience. Sometimes I had to wait and search for a long time to find the perfect spot, no matter it was as cold as -40 degrees in Banff or as hot as 40 degrees in Dubai, I would not leave the place until I finally captured the scene I wanted.  I’m graduating next month and moving back to China after my final exams. I am sure I will remember my life at Queen’s every time I look at my photos of Lake Ontario and campus. My three years in Canada (I exchanged to National University of Singapore for a year) are so different from my life in China, and it will certainly become a special part of my life. Finally, I want to say thank you to QUIC for giving students who love photography a chance to show their works. Best regards, Iris Yiyu Jiang, Queen's Commerce '16          ...

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Queen’s Bangladeshi Students Association Event

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QBSA celebrates International Mother Language Day — by Zubair Hossain, international student The biggest annual event organized by Queen’s Bangladeshi Students Association (QBSA), a student club associated with Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) is the celebration of the International Mother Language Day (IMLD). QBSA has been arranging this event every year since 2010 as a way to promote the linguistic and cultural diversity in Canada. This day is of great significance to Bangladeshis because we pay homage to our nation's heroes who in 1952 sacrificed their lives to protect our rights to speak in mother tongue, Bengali. After being recognized by UNESCO to promote the preservation and protection of all languages of the world, IMLD has been celebrated internationally by multicultural festivals which encourage the hearing of all voices, social cohesion, cultural awareness, and tolerance. Last Saturday IMLD 2016 was celebrated in McLaughlin Hall of John Deutsch University Centre. MP Mark Gerretsen, MPP Sophie Kiwala, Councillor Jim Neill and Director of Ban Righ Foundation Ms Carole Morrison were among the special guests who graced the event. International Mother Language Day has been proclaimed by City of Kingston this year. Kingston town crier Chris Whyman read the Certificate of Proclamation during the event. Along with Bangladeshi students and community, Queen’s students from different cultural backgrounds participated in this event with great enthusiasm. The program started with a chorus of IMLD theme song. The special guests addressed the audience and expressed their good wishes. MPP Kiwala distributed prizes among the participants of Kids Art Competition. After that the guests enjoyed a dinner with authentic Bangladeshi food. After dinner session was cultural performances by Bangladeshi and international performers from different countries including Iran, India, China and Egypt. There was a blend of songs, dances and poem recitals. This year for the first time QBSA shot a video featuring Queen’s students from different countries with short testimonials where they expressed love for their mother tongues in their own languages. Photo Album from the event can be viewed at Queen's University Flickr page....

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Announcing Photo Contest Winners 2016

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Many thanks to all students who participated in QUIC International Photo Contest! This is our 8th year running, and we love receiving your amazing images. 2016 Contest Winner: Sean Arruda, MSc'16 (Geography and Planning).   "I took this photo in August of 2013 while conducting undergraduate research at the Daring Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research Station, in Northwest Territories. This Dene tipi is erected each year as part of the Tundra Science and Culture Camp, an outdoor environmental education program for high school students in the NWT. Students work closely with a variety of instructors including scientists, environmental educators, on-site researchers and Dene elders. The tipi is used as a gathering space where the students participate in traditional knowledge activities such as cooking, beading, drum and tool building, sharing of stories and reflections. For the entire duration of my field season that year the sun hadn’t set, but this photo was taken in late August when we finally started getting a few hours of darkness at night. This allowed me to really capture the beautiful glow from both the fire within the tipi, and also the faint sunset behind the dark, cold clouds. The light streaks were produced by my headlamp as we danced around the tipi." Warmth in the Arctic by Sean Arruda Category Winners: People and Culture: Sean George PhD Candidate Chem.Eng.           Landscape & Nature: Shuhong Liu ArtSci'19             Home away from Home: Alex Peloso Med'18               Critical Global Issues: Corey Forster LifeSci'17             People's Choice: Justin Lim...

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