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Welcome and Orientation at QUIC

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QUIC welcomes hundreds of new international students to Queen’s as they arrive from many countries of the world.  Students have the opportunity to get individual attention and personalized advice and assistance, as well as group info sessions and fun activities (Games Night!).  Our staff provides introduction to the local community, and answers questions about cell phones, student activities, accommodations, student support services on campus, and more. Our Welcome and Orientation program also offers extended hours when the QUIC will be...

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English Language Support (ELS) at QUIC

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Many thanks to Alyssa Broadbell, B.Ed.’16, who facilitated the Summer Conversation Circle at QUIC over the past two months. Participants varied from Queen’s undergraduate and graduate students, to researchers, visiting scholars and immediate family members. The goal of the Summer Conversation Circle was to provide an opportunity for participants to practice their English conversation skills in an informal setting. The Circle engaged in discussions, debates, and games. In many activities we were focused on the use of colloquial Canadian...

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NEWTS Orientation Week

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Hi! My name is Natalie Brown and I am a psychology student at Queen’s University, and will be entering the third year of my undergrad in the fall. I want to invite students to participate in the NEWTS Orientation Week, taking place September 9 – 12, 2015 (students must register for this program). Last September I participated in the Queen’s NEWTS Orientation week as a leader (also fondly referred to as a Gecko). The Orientation is for incoming exchange, international, castle, and transfer students. “NEWTS” stands for “New, Exchange, and...

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Student Staff at QUIC: Never Stop Learning

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Hello! My name is Teresa. I was the QUIC ELS Assistant for 2014-2015. This position provided me with so many gratifying and fun experiences. I couldn’t have asked for a better job to finish off my last year of undergrad! Organizing socials, games and activities for both ELS volunteers and international students was not only fun, but also rewarding. I had a pretty busy academic schedule this school year, but whenever I could not take on a certain task, my supervisor was very understanding and supportive. I definitely feel that the flexibility...

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Good-Bye from the QUIC Intern

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Hi, this is Kay Ma.  My time here as the 2014-2015 International Education Intern at QUIC is coming to an end, but QUIC will be on my mind long after I have left this position. What I enjoyed the most about the internship was working with the World Link Volunteer Program. Through that program, the Education Abroad Advisor and I coordinated many events, including the International Education Week in November and the Lunar New Year Celebration in February. I also had fun coordinating the International Trivia Nights.  I met many students from...

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Express Entry information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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Those that attended the workshop during the winter term with representatives of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to learn about the Express Entry application management system for Canadian permanent residency applications got some general information about the process but also had some questions that CIC officials needed to take some time to answer.  This post includes the answers that they sent us. As a post-doctorate fellow, am I awarded points for a contract job offer? In order to be awarded points, the job offer must be permanent,...

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Getting Ready for Convocation

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Graduation! I cannot believe four years has passed since I arrived to Canada in 2011. My name is Teresa Zhang, I was born and raised in Panama City. I still remember the first day I got to meet some of my classmates. It was during this event called “Frosh Week”. Personally, I had never heard about something similar in my life. I guess that back home, these kind of events were rare. Due to my lack of experience, I was totally unprepared for the “Engineering Frosh Week”, apparently, the craziest of them all. Our orientation leaders would be...

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QUIC staff at the OAIE conference

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The 2015 OAIE / CBIE Ontario Regional Conference is taking place May 11 – 13 at Seneca College (King Campus, north from Toronto). The Ontario Association of International Educators and the Canadian Bureau for International Education are collaborating this year in preparation of the annual conference. Some of QUIC staff will be heading out to spend a few days at conference events and in workshops with colleagues (the Centre will be open and in regular operation). Each year, the staff at QUIC participates in numerous professional...

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Int’l students on local TV in ‘Diverse City’

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Over the past 3 years, several international students at Queen’s enjoyed volunteering with the local TV Cogeco program Diverse City. Students shared their unique cultural and language knowledge to enrich the multicultural dimension of our community, and to provide cultural learning to viewers. The producers’ team lead by Mike Pontbriand and Carolin Taguchi have worked with our volunteers in several video taping sessions. Stay tuned for the announcement of newest episode about the usage of gestures in various...

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Photo Exhibit Opens in Downtown Kingston

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QUIC has partnered with the City of Kingston Cultural Services to prepare a unique exhibit of student photos, starting April 1st. The exhibit room at the Pump House Steam Museum, 23 Ontario Street, in downtown Kingston was chosen as an ideal space to share Queen’s students’ experiences with local communities. Photos are on display until April 25. The Museum is open  Tue – Fri 12noon – 4pm, Sat 10am – 5 pm. Admission is free with any Queen’s ID. The Exhibit was recently featured on Kingston CKWS Television and in...

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