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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

The Contest will open again in December 2017.
Congratulations to Anja-Xiaoxing Cui, the most recent winner.

student photo

Prints of winning photos are on display at QUIC.

We invite you to view the photos and student stories on Flickr.

Prizes from last round in Winter 2017:
Category Winner – Nature:  Leanna Li
2nd place: Ryan Kirkpatrick
3rd place: David Williams
Category Winner – Culture:  Jordan Davis
2nd place: Matthias Hermann
3rd place: Kristina Burrows
Category Winner – Home away from Home:  Tommy Hana
2nd place: Michelle Austin
3rd place: Sarah Kain
Category Winner – Critical Global Issues:  Rika Wong
2nd place: Heather Poechaman
3rd place: Yaseen Manan
People’s Choice Vote Winner:  David Williams
Early Bird Vote Winner:  Katherine Venturi

Terms and Conditions

This is student contest. Prior to the deadline, any student currently enrolled at Queen’s U. may submit 1 – 2 photos PER PERSON. Contest is open to exchange students who will be returning/have recently returned from their study at Queen’s. Students who are currently abroad are encouraged to participate.

By submitting photo(s), entrants consent that they have read and understood the terms and conditions, and release QUIC from all liability in connection with the production of photo(s).

By submitting your photo you are confirming that general consent of individuals in the image was obtained when their photo was taken by you. When choosing which photos to submit to the contest, students are advised to carefully consider issues of privacy, respect, dignity and vulnerability of individuals depicted/ involved. Description/story for each photo is collected to demonstrate photographer’s understanding of the image they have taken. Descriptions/stories will be displayed and published for winning photos. However, only photographs will be viewed by Contest judges – descriptions/stories are meant as a complementary piece that enhances the viewer’s understanding of student experience and process of photo-taking. QUIC reserves the right not to consider any entry it deems to be inappropriate. Student who entered the Contest may be asked for more information or clarification if necessary.

QUIC reserves the right to use all or part of all submitted photos in promotional materials, websites and social media.

By the means of participation in the Contest, students are giving their consent for their name, degree designation, photo description and the image to be publicly shared/published.

Winning photos and stories will be printed for a wall exhibit at the QUIC. QUIC is not responsible for lost or late entries. Re-submissions from past years will not be accepted. QUIC may cancel or modify this contest due to fraud, virus, or other causes beyond our control.


Contest Background

QUIC believes that sharing the excitement of your international experiences with others, whether you are an international student commenting on your impression of life in Canada, or a Canadian student who had an invaluable experience abroad, is an important step in the building of understanding, appreciation and enjoyment across cultures. QUIC especially welcomes submissions from:

  • International and Exchange students
  • Students who have recently lived, studied, worked, volunteered or traveled abroad
  • Students wanting to share international experiences in Canada or from a country of origin

Each year, a panel of judges chooses 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category, and one grand prize winner.  Previous judging panels included:

  • Director of Agnes Etherington Art Gallery
  • Representative/Photographer from Camera Kingston
  • Executive Director of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS)
  • President of the Alma Mater Society (AMS)
  • QUIC’s International Student Advisor (and a keen local photographer)
  • An International Student with background in Film Studies

In 2016, a selection of winning photos was on display as part of ‘Creative Expressions’ exhibit with CTL.

In 2015, the Contest photos were exhibited at the local Pump House Steam Museum.